Know Your Energy Supplier: Together Energy

August 11th, 2020
Know Your Energy Supplier: Together Energy

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Together Energy is a Scottish based energy supplier that claims to be the fastest growing in the UK. But are they the right supplier for you?

Founded in 2016 in Dunbartonshire, Together Energy says it offers affordable energy to over 60,000 customers across Britain without compromising on great customer service for long term peace of mind. They offer competitive pricing on longer term deals and support the local Scottish economy. But less than 10% of energy comes from renewable sources and no pre-payment customers are accepted.

Who is Together Energy?

This Scottish based company supplies to customers in Scotland, England and Wales. They’re also a living wage employer who recruit more than 90% of their staff from the poorest 10% of postcodes in Scotland. They have a unique partnership with the University of Strathclyde to skill up their workforce and help people into higher education.

So Energy customer service rating

New RatingOld Rating
3-star reviews1-star reviews

Is Together Energy a good energy supplier?

Together Energy was ranked the lowest performing provider in a 2019 Which? Survey and has a low rating on both Google and Trustpilot. However, reviews are more positive about this supplier being good value for money for customers prepared to lock in a rate for up to 3 years. Their prices are also cheaper than the bigger suppliers for their variable tariffs.

But customer service is rated poor despite impressively fast call answering times of under a minute and some glowing testimonials on their website.

Together Energy tariffs and prices

Tariff NameTariff typeCancellation feeAnnual Avg cost 
Together Energy – Green Together Fixed July21 v4Fixed Tariff£60.00£855.44 Compare now
Together Energy – Green Brexit Protect 25 Month July22 v2Fixed Tariff£80.00£984.64 Compare now
Together Energy – Green Together Fixed July21 v2Fixed Tariff£60.00£838.25 Compare now
Together Energy – Green Brexit Protect 25 Month July22Fixed Tariff£80.00£966.74 Compare now

Together Energy fuel mix and UK average fuel mix

Together Energy historical Fuel Mix

Energy Source2019
CO2 Emission325 g/kWh
Nuclear Waste0.00130 g/kWh

What type of energy tariffs offered by Together Energy for the UK households?

  • Variable energy tariff – Together energy can change your daily standing charge and price per kWh (unit rate) whenever they wish.
  • Fixed rate tariff – price per kWh and daily standing charge will remain fixed throughout the contract terms.
  • Pay As You Go – Pay for your energy in advance by using an energy top up key or card, you can buy your energy in advance at post offices or authorised local dealers such as convenience stores or via mobile app.
  • Dual fuel energy tariff – It means Together energy will supply both electricity and gas to your home. Usually, dual fuel energy is cheaper when compared to single fuel energy supply.

Together Energy offers domestic customers 4 tariffs including 3 fixed rate deals. There’s currently no business energy deal. Customers benefit from a dual fuel energy and gas and electricity supply from the same supplier with a cheap variable energy tariff with no exit fee. The fixed rate tariffs offer a locked in price for one, two or three years. But you will pay a £30 exit fee for each fuel if you want to switch. There’s no specific tariff for electric car owners but Together Energy does accept Economy 7 customers.

Complaint handling and customer service

Reporting period in Q/YQ4 2019Q3 2018
Total complaints received3213676
Received per 100k customer accounts2840697
Total Complaints resolved2869485
Resolved per 100k customer accounts2537500
Resolved within 48 hours13%7%
Resolved within 8 weeks49%96%

Top 5 complaint reasons in percentages

Customer Service – 16%

Billing – 55%

Payment issues – 18%

Switching issues – 7%

Sales – 2%

Account management

Together Energy has an online portal but it’s not clear how customers are supposed to use it and there’s no live chat or FAQs on the website. Together Energy doesn’t have an app and only accepts payment by direct debit.

Is it easy to switch?

If you’re looking to lock in a long term cheap energy rate, Together Energy have deals lasting up to 36 months. Compare energy tariff prices with us before making the decision to switch to your new supplier in just a few clicks!

Get in touch with Together energy

Contact number: 0333 150 1699

Email: [email protected]

Write a letter: Complaints Team at Together Energy, 1st Floor, Erskine House, Clydebank Business Park, Dunbartonshire, G81 2DR

Energy Ombudsman

Contact number: 0330 440 1624


Write a letter: 3300 Daresbury Park, Daresbury, Warrington WA4 4HS

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