Black Box Insurance: UK Motorist Savings Guide

October 11th, 2017
Black Box Insurance: UK Motorist Savings Guide

Motor insurance seem to be a scary phrase mostly because the annual premiums are increasing by leaps and bounds. Many Britons show a grumpy face when asked about car insurance costs and share how they face the constant pressure of ever increasing car insurance premiums. Well, everything has a solution and so does the matter of the ever increasing car insurance cost.

One of the easiest ways to get lower car insurance premiums is to choose a telematics or black box insurance policy. For this, a black box is fitted into your car to monitor your driving method. The device records your driving speed, frequency of applying brakes, acceleration on bumpy roads etc. As the tiny gadget passes all the records to your telematics car insurance provider, it has a strong correlation with the increase or decrease of motor insurance premiums.

If you are rash driver, your telematics record will suggest the number of times you have crossed the speed limit and highlight all of your poor driving performances. Depending on this data, the UK motor insurance company may increase the car insurance premium. Similarly, for all those who are good drivers, choosing telematics insurance means you allow the insurer to keep an eye on your good driving habits. It is a real proof to get you some great discounts on car insurance.

Your black box car insurance policy is the best way to get cheaper motor insurance premiums. If you are a good driver with a balanced state of mind, you must leverage the telematics insurance to get the lowest motor insurance premiums. As per statistics, good drivers can actually save up to £145 if they buy black box insurance.

However, the irony is that as of now only 5% of UK motorists are with a Black box policy. If all UK motorists choose the cheap black box insurance route then they can actually save a total of £1.7billion that is spent unnecessarily as collective car insurance cost.

Essentially, every UK household can save on their budget by proactively choosing wiser ways to lower car insurance cost. Another way to get cheap car insurance without black box is to shop around and find the cheapest car insurance providers. For this, you can rely on our friendly insurance comparison experts who suggest the cheapest car insurance quotes online.

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