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Know Your Energy Supplier: Npower

December 16th, 2019

Npower Energy Company:

Npower originally known as RWE npower plc is an energy generator and supplier for domestic and commercial purposes. In 2002, npower was acquired by a German company named RWE and since then it is known as RWE npower plc. It was a part of the Big Six energy suppliers but is no longer one of them. But still popular for producing 10% of electricity used in the UK. It has a huge customer base of around 6.5 million customers across United Kingdom.

It is one of the very few energy companies that has the Carbon Trust Award to its credit. It is given to those companies who are really good at managing energy, water and waste. It uses coal, oil, biomass and natural gas as the fuel for power generation.

Npower and customer satisfaction:

According to the statistics of 2015, the company scored 58% on customer satisfaction level. Apart from supplying gas and electricity, it also provides boiler repair and central heating system repair services.

It has lost its command over customers as there are many complaints and allegations against it. Contrary to its bright past, the company has disappointed many by not meeting their expectations.

Npower and recent price changes:

The company announced in January 2015 to lower prices by 5.1%  for its standard tariff customers. It was supposed to be in effect from 16th February.

It gave a big blow to its customers in October 2013 by making an announcement of price rise by a whopping 10.4%. The rise was announced for both gas and electricity. Its rates increased with effect from 1st December 2013 and increased the dual fuel customer’s bill by £139 per year.

In January 2014 when it was still one of the Big Six energy suppliers, it announced that it would reduce the already raised price by 2.6% which would take effect from 28 February. This made its total rise equal to 7.8% which was the highest amongst the Big Six suppliers.

Why Npower?

Being the baby of RWE Group, the company has some good credit to its side. RWE group belongs to Europe’s largest gas and electricity companies. Also, it supplies electricity to nearly 16 million customers and gas to 8 million customers.

RWE npower is renowned for wind-power and hydro electricity generation.

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