Know Your Energy Supplier: Green Energy

December 11th, 2019

Green Energy:

An independent supplier of renewable gas and electricity, Green Energy provides energy for domestic as well as commercial usage. The company has a customer base across Scotland, England and Wales. Founded in 2001, it is the first company that gives free shares to its customers. It generates green electricity and gas by using solar, hydro, wind and biomass energy.

It is the only company that has green only tariffs. There are three types of green tariffs – Still, Sparkling and Tap.

  • Sparkling tariff – for energy generated by 100% renewable sources including solar, hydro, bio waste and wind.

  • Still tariff – for energy generated from heat generated power plants. It is a low carbon alternative.

  • Tap tariff – Simple, online tariff with no hidden charges and single unit rate.

Green Energy – Corporate info:

The company offers its customers free shares while they register as customers. With this, they become an owning member of the company. Also, they can share ideas as well as ask questions.

Green Energy – Customer satisfaction:

The company has a customer base stretched across England, Wales and Scotland. It is best for people who want to use green energy. There are no records of customer satisfaction statistics for this company.

Why Green Energy?

  • For saving the environment

  • For green electricity and gas

  • For three choices of green tariffs

  • For becoming a shareholder and partly own the company

For more details on Green Energy, its tariffs and comparison with its contemporaries, do check our website or call us on 02034757476. you may also like: Green Energy Cancellation Fees

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