Japan Travel Guide

June 12th, 2017
Japan Travel Guide


The country of Japan comprises of a sequence of islands located in the Pacific Ocean separated from Asia by the Sea of Japan. Japan is a blend of the ultra-modern with high tech gadgets and futuristic technology fused with ancient old tradition of respect and courtesy.

Visiting Japan

Japan is an exciting country to see and discover. Japan was once closed to the outside world, but over the last 150 years, it has opened its doors to trade and tourism. It is now regarded as a very futuristic and modern country which has held on to strong traditions and customs.

Most of Japans surface is mountainous, with the majority of Japans population crammed in to urban areas and cities.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, where life is lived at a very fast pace. The Japanese like to have the latest technology and fashion, and it’s of no surprise that the latest gadgets usually first arrive in Japan.

The Imperial palace is one of the most scenic spots in Japan, as it is the palace of the Japanese Emperor and his Imperial family. Make sure you explore the beautiful gardens and grounds.

To see the more traditional side of Japan, visit Kyoto. Kyoto has 17 UNESCO Heritage sites including the Buddhist shrines and temples.

If you are after Geishas, they can be found in traditional restaurants serving tea.


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The Weather in Japan

Japan has a maritime weather with warm and wet summers and mild winters.The cities in Japan have a milder weather when compared to the other cities in Asia on the same latitude.

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