Canada Travel Guide

June 12th, 2017
Canada Travel Guide

Travel Guide to Canada

By land area alone Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. It’s known for its hospitality, kindness and ranks consistently in top 5 places to live.

Canada is a vast country with a population of 35 million, that’s slightly more than half of the UK population.

Visiting Canada

Though the countryside may be vast and wide, the cities are also cosmopolitan and very vibrant. There are Direct flights from the UK to Canada with Air Canada, British Airways and Fly Thomas Cook.

Why should you visit Canada?

Millions of visitors, from around the world, make the trip to Canada each year. Canada may not be known for its Sun, but it more than makes up with its breath taking scenery of snow-capped mountains, crystal clear rivers, unspoilt forests and rural wildlife.

For those seeking city comforts will not be disappointed with Toronto, Ottawa or Vancouver, all with great galleries, museums, shops and eateries. If you’re after nightlife, don’t worry these Cities have it in plentiful – theatres, cinemas, bars and night clubs. The large cities are located near the border with the US and subject to visa approval, day trips or even stays can be made (to the US).

The Province of British Colombia was co-host to the Winter Olympics making it an ideal destination for skiing enthusiasts.

Talking of borders – make sure to visit Niagara Falls, which saddles the border of US and Canada.

When is the best time to visit Canada?

June to August is the sunshine time in the cold country. It is a peak tourist season and you will also find around 30% hike in accommodation price.

May, September and October are the times when you will find comparatively low crowd but the major attractions are still enjoyable for shorter periods of time. If you do not love crowds then this a good time to visit this country.

November to April is when there are almost no tourists and minimal sunshine. Ski resorts and big city resorts would close down at this time. So, it can be inconvenient to visit the place at this time.

Must visit tourist attractions in Canada:

  • Niagara Falls
  • Banff National park
  • Stanley Park
  • CN Tower
  • Cabot trail
  • Haida Gwaii
  • Athabasca Glacier
  • Royal Ontario museum
  • Louisbourg National Historic Site
  • Auyuittuq National Park

More Information:


Covering 3,855,100 sq. miles, Canada is a vast country with varying weather from region to region. Northern Canada is sparsely populated with Inuit villages and land covered in snow for most part of the year. December to February the weather is cold and harsh with frequent snowy blizzards. The warmest months are July to August.


Within Canada, you can commute by air, car, train, bus, boat, bicycle and the country’s local transport services.


Visa rules are strict and you need a valid passport that has at least six months of time remaining for expiry. For people from visa-exempt countries (except USA), they need to buy an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) which costs just $7. For people from non-visa waiver countries, a formal visa application is a must.

How to reach Canada from the UK?

You can always plan in advance and book cheap flights to Canada online. We also offer flight booking services as well as holiday packages, travel insurance and more.

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