Compare Black Friday and Cyber Monday Broadband Deals

September 6th, 2018
Compare Black Friday and Cyber Monday Broadband Deals

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What is Black Friday?

Thanksgiving takes place on the fourth Thursday of November and black Friday falls on the day following. Unofficially it is regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping period and given Thanksgiving is a public holiday in the US, most people take the following Friday off as well.

Typically Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, allowing shop owners who are typically in the red (making a loss) to turn their accounting books into the black (making a profit).  However, this is just in theory ultimately where the Black Friday name originally comes from is a mystery.

What is Cyber Monday?

With the rise of broadband, retailers saw a shift in demand from customer who either prefer doing their Christmas shopping online or simply are too busy to get out on Black Friday. In 2005, this then led to the creation of the term Cyber Monday, where by those shoppers who missed out on the black Friday sale can still benefit with the discounts and it’s another way for retailers to make more profit.

One of the other differences between the two shopping holidays is that, Black Friday tends to be better for electronic items whilst Cyber Monday is better for general retailers, this is especially the case in the fashion industry.  

Also, Black Friday sales are both online and offline, whilst Cyber Monday is online only.\

UK Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a huge holiday celebration in the US and since the 2000s US retailers have been trying to get the UK consumer to be enticed by the limited time discounts and offers.

Amongst the first in the UK were Amazon and Asda-which is owned by the American giant Walmart.  Both campaigns were successful which then led to more retailers participating in the sales, with the biggest turning point being in 2014 where police assistance was required in retail stores across the UK.

Since 2014 and 2015, the crowd has been calmer as more and more people have started taking benefit of Cyber Monday and retailers have extended the offers in advance of Cyber Friday, making it a Cyber Week

How to get a good Black Friday/Cyber Monday broadband deal

There will be many offers out on black Friday and cyber Monday’s but one of the main thing to help you save money is to know what you actually need. If you typically use the internet to just browse the internet then you probably don’t need super-fast broadband with unlimited data allowance. Likewise if you download lots of movies and do online gaming, then you will need super-fast broadband and other additional features, so it really pays to know what you want. During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays there will be many great deals but it’s important to get the one which best meets your requirements.    

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Make savings up to 44% & keep the operational cost lower!!!

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