Tonik Energy closure: What customers need to know

October 20th, 2020
Tonik Energy closure: What customers need to know

Are you a customer of Tonik Energy? If you’re one of the 130,000 domestic customers affected when the energy provider stopped trading in October, there’s some good news. Ofgem has already made sure that your supply was switched to Scottish Power on Saturday, October 10.

In a statement on its website, Tonik said that customer supplies are secure. If you have a credit balance with the company this will be protected.

Next steps

If you’re a Tonik customer, Ofgem’s advice is to wait until you’re contacted by Scottish Power.

  • If you want to switch energy supplier wait until the new supplier contacts you
  • You should take a meter reading immediately

Scottish Power is advising Tonik customers to sit tight and not to worry as they will honour all existing credit balances and make sure customers get an uninterrupted energy supply.

What happens next?

When you’re moved to your new supplier you may notice that your bills go up. That’s because you’ll be placed on a ‘deemed’ contract, which makes sure you still get a supply but not necessarily at the cheapest tariff.

So what can you do as a new Scottish Power customer?

  • Switch to a cheaper tariff. If you intend to stay with Scottish Power then ask to be switched to the cheapest tariff as quickly as possible
  • Switch to a new supplier. Use a comparison site like to find the cheapest tariff for you. We compare the whole market including Big 6 and green energy providers so you get the best deal for your energy use

If you decide to switch energy suppliers you won’t be charged any exit fees.

What about my account?

If Tonik Energy owes you money: Scottish Power will honour your credit balance. Ofgem says that you should wait for Scottish Power to contact you about credit on your account but be aware the review process can take several weeks.

Scottish Power will also deduct any unbilled charges for energy supplied by Tonik Energy.

If you owe money to Tonik Energy: Scottish Power will contact you to arrange repayment terms.

Will my smart meter still work?

There should be no problem with newer models of smart meter. Unfortunately older models will lose functionality but Scottish Power will be happy to upgrade them on request.

What about my direct debit?

Ofgem says you won’t need to cancel your direct debit but you can if you want to. Scottish Power will be in touch to discuss whether you want your old direct debit to remain in place or whether you want to set up a new one.

If you’ve already cancelled, don’t worry. Ofgem’s advice is to wait until Scottish Power gets in touch about your new customer account. They’ll also let you know what will happen with any credit balance you may have.

I’m switching suppliers. Will the switch go through?

The fact that Tonik has ceased trading shouldn’t affect any switch that is already in progress. Just check that your direct debit has been cancelled automatically, and make arrangements to cancel it if not.

If you were switching suppliers to Tonik you’ll now be switched to Scottish Power.

I’d like to switch suppliers, how do I do it?

If you’ve decided you’d prefer to switch to a new supplier here’s what you need to do:

  • Enter your home postcode
  • Tell us about your present supplier and your average energy use
  • We’ll find the best deal in your postcode
  • Find the plan that suits you best and click on Switch Today
  • We take care of the rest including all the paperwork

All you need to do is sit back and relax and if you want to switch supplier, let FreePriceCompare take care of the rest

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