Know Your Energy Supplier: Utility Warehouse

September 18th, 2020
Know Your Energy Supplier: Utility Warehouse

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Utility Warehouse call themselves “The Discount Club”, but how do Utility Warehouse energy tariffs compare to competitors?

Who are Utility Warehouse?

Utility Warehouse (UW) are owned by Telecom Plus but became an across-the-board utility provider after buying customers from Npower in 2013. Since then they have grown strongly by “word of mouth”. What this really means is that they encourage customers to become agents and recruit new customers for a commission. There are doubts about the financial rewards for becoming an agent (there is a membership charge) but it helps them avoid regular advertising.

Utility Warehouse customer service rating

New RatingOld Rating
4-star reviews4-star reviews


Instead of the usual dual fuel energy and gas and electricity supply bundle, UW encourage you to buy a package that combines electricity, gas, telephone, mobile, home insurance and boiler servicing. The more services you bundle, the more you are likely to save. If you would find it difficult to pay all your bills at the same time, this could be a bad idea, but if you are already financially comfortable you will pay less.

As a reward for taking the full package, they provide cashback cards which earn you a rebate (up to 7%) at selected chain-stores, (including Sainsbury’s, Boots, Halfords, M&S, Topshop, Papa Johns, Caffé Nero and Pizza Express). They also issue discounts for cinemas and entertainment venues (up to 40% off regular prices).

Is Utility Warehouse an ethical company?

Most energy companies today make efforts to be environmentally friendly and help customers struggling with high energy bills. Part of UW’s approach is an offer to swap every lightbulb for an LCD energy saver. Based on typical usage, that could translate into electricity savings of up to 15% – helping both the customer and the environment at the same time.

On the downside, Ofgem recently investigated illegal overcharging of vulnerable customers. UW admitted the mistake which it blamed on a system failure and reimbursed everyone double.

Utility Warehouse tariffs and prices

Tariff NameTariff type 
Utility Warehouse – Green FixedFixed Tariff Compare now
Utility Warehouse – Green FixFixed Tariff Compare now
Utility Warehouse – Double GoldFixed Tariff Compare now
Utility Warehouse – Double Gold Fixed PriceFixed Tariff Compare now

Utility Warehouse fuel mix and UK average fuel mix

Utility Warehouse historical Fuel Mix

Energy Source20192018201720162015
CO2 Emission325 g/kWh359 g/kWh337 g/kWh408 g/kWh418 g/kWh
Nuclear Waste0.00130 g/kWh0.00133 g/kWh0.00007 g/kWh0.00008 g/kWh0.00013 g/kWh

What are UW tariffs like?

Like most providers, UW offer a range of tariffs. When you compare energy tariff charges between UW and other companies, don’t just compare the cheapest price. There have been complaints that most people are put on a “standard variable” tariff that works out more expensive. Make it clear to UW which tariff you are signing up for.

Complaint handling and customer service

UW use all-British call centres and their reviews suggest personnel are very friendly and helpful in resolving problems. On the other hand, some customers report lengthy waits before they manage to speak to anyone. There has also been some criticism of their IT systems.

Reporting period in Q/YQ1 2020Q4 2019Q3 2019Q2 2019Q1 2019
Total complaints received751113681115011057610737
Received per 100k customer accounts7431352114710631090
Total Complaints resolved561010631931987018828
Resolved per 100k customer accounts5541051929874897
Resolved within 48 hours56.90%48.20%49.40%54.60%54.00%
Resolved within 8 weeks98.90%99.10%97.75%97.60%97.80%

How easy is switching?

If you are sure you want to buy all your services from a single agency, and you already shop at the stores where you can earn a discount, UW offer an attractive package. You will need to check when your existing contracts expire, but UW promise to cover early-cancellation penalties up to a total of £200. Switching is always easy through the Free Price Compare website.

Get in touch with Utility Warehouse

Contact number: 0333 777 0777


Write a letter: Utility Warehouse Ltd, 508 Edgware Road, The Hyde, London, NW9 5AB

Energy Ombudsman

Contact number: 0330 440 1624


Write a letter: 3300 Daresbury Park, Daresbury, Warrington WA4 4HS

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