Know Your Energy Supplier: Affect Energy

September 18th, 2020
Know Your Energy Supplier: Affect Energy

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Affect Energy claim to make energy simple, painless and great value for money. Read on to find out more about this relatively new and innovative company, including how they score with customers.

Who is Affect Energy?

Affect Energy is a small energy company based in Shoreham by Sea, near Brighton. It is relatively new to the energy market, having been founded in 2016.The company was bought by Octopus Energy in 2018 but it remains in the market, providing its own gas and electricity tariffs. Affect Energy supplies both gas and electricity to homes and businesses in the UK.

Affect Energy customer service rating

New Rating Old Rating
3-star reviews 3-star reviews

Is Affect Energy a good company?

The reviews Affect Energy receives from its customers are consistently good. Affect Energy itself states that its aims are to provide what it believes customers want: cheap gas and electricity and for the energy company to do what it promises for customers. Its motto is ‘simple, brilliant energy’. The team behind Affect Energy had over 50 years experience in the energy sector behind them when they started the brand and from the beginning, they focused on great customer service.

Affect Energy fuel mix and UK average fuel mix

Octopus Energy aquired Affect energy and Octopus supplies energy from 100% renewable sources.

Affect Energy historical Fuel Mix

Energy Source 2017
Coal 13.50%
Gas 41.40%
Nuclear 11.30%
Renewable 29.40%
Other 4.40%
CO2 Emission
Nuclear Waste

What are Affect Energy tariffs?

Affect Energy offers its customers a choice of two tariffs:

  • Standard tariff. This is a variable tariff with no set contract length and no exit fees.
  • Fixed rate tariff. This offers a set rate for a year, with an exit fee if customers leave before the year has expired.

Complaint handling and customer service

There is no separate complaints data for Affect Energy as their complaints are included with Octopus Energy’s complaints data as they deliver the customer service for Affect Energy.

Account management

Although Affect Energy is now owned by Octopus Energy, Affect Energy customers still have an online account system. This system, known as ‘MyAffect’, is simple and straightforward to use. If you need more help then the usual contact methods including email, telephone, Twitter and Facebook are available for the company. Quotes are given online, and tariffs are also purchased online.

Is it easy to switch?

With such good customer service reviews Affect Energy is definitely worth considering for your dual fuel energy and gas and electricity supply. It couldn’t be simpler to use our independent comparison site to compare energy tariff prices and then switch online.

Get in touch with Affect energy

Energy Ombudsman

Contact number: 0330 440 1624


Write a letter: 3300 Daresbury Park, Daresbury, Warrington WA4 4HS

Compare business gas and electricity with Affect energy

How to contact Affect energy business?

Call: 0330 60 62 675

Email: [email protected]

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