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As it currently stands, giving customers a 14-day cooling-off period is a mandatory requirement but Vodafone has voluntarily extended the service to 30-days, meaning customers can now change their mind anytime up to 30 days should they wish to leave the contract for any reason. In a bid to improve the customer service record, the 30 day cooling off period is applicable to all Vodafone pay-monthly customers including those on Sim only, mobile and fixed broadband contracts. Customers need not have a reason for leaving the contract and refund is paid so long as all the hardware equipment is returned damage free. Please note, if you purchased a Vodafone product via a 3rd party partner, such as Carphone Warehouse, then the guarantee may not be applicable. What are the other changes made by Vodafone? Vodafone is the only major network provider to offer an extended cooling off period for such […]

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Save by comparing the best black Friday and cyber Monday broadband deals in the market These offers are only here for a limited time so switch and save today! Check out these amazing broadband deals!   Broadband Deals What is Black Friday? Thanksgiving takes place on the fourth Thursday of November and black Friday falls on the day following. Unofficially it is regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping period and given Thanksgiving is a public holiday in the US, most people take the following Friday off as well. Typically Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, allowing shop owners who are typically in the red (making a loss) to turn their accounting books into the black (making a profit).  However, this is just in theory ultimately where the Black Friday name originally comes from is a mystery. What is Cyber Monday? With the rise of […]

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With the UK government planning to launch 5G services in 2020 and aiming to be the world leader in 5G, we can expect good competition in the mobile world. Mobile phone and broadcasting giant Arqiva takes the lead to conduct launch trials of 5G services in collaboration with Samsung. By doing so, it would give tough competition to BT Group’s Openreach. The company has chosen central London as the place to make the trials. Best known for its services of transmitting broadcast content and connecting mobile phone calls across its 8000 sites, the company would soon tap into the 5G market. The chief executive, Simon Beresford-Wylie, clarified that the company is just participating in the trials with Samsung and has no intention to compete for the customers. The company owns license of 28GHz spectrum band, which is the same bandwidth used by the 5G providers in the US, Japan, and […]

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Have you ever imagines street lights offering mobile networks? Wouldn’t it be great when the street lights give away high speed internet access? Well, that is what is planned by energy giant Phillips and Ericsson, who collaborate to bring forth 4G networks through the common lights on the street. This step would enhance mobile coverage in Europe like never before. The idea is to develop LED emitting Philips lightpole site slim integrated with tiny cells and antenna that offer mobile connectivity in the surrounding places. The compact poles with LEDs placed at various places on the pole create diverse illuminating patterns are already being installed in Barcelona prior to the Mobile World Congress. Mobile operators can offer rent for their places on the pole and the cost of operations would be much reduced when compared to the method they are using now. Nishant Batra, Head of Network Infrastructure Products at […]

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One of the biggest news that made waves in the telecom sector was when Ofcom decided to slap a £42m fine on the telecom giant BT. It is the largest fine ever imposed on any telecom company and was declared on the basis of regulatory breaches at Openreach, the company that owns the cables and pipes that connect almost all business and home networks in the UK. Apart from the £42m, BT would also be paying a collective amount of £300m to its rivals as it did not compensate other operators for the delay in installing Ethernet lines. A subsidiary of BT, Openreach is the biggest cable network provider in the United Kingdom that develops and maintains networks for providers like Vodafone, Talk Talk etc. According to the telecom regulator Ofcom, BT did not adhere to the terms of its contract that stated that BT would offer compensation payments to providers […]

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The UK households would soon get some piece of mind as telecom regulator plans to reduce broadband costs. This will have a direct impact on your household bills which would shrink to lower limits. Even if you are currently on the best broadband plans, you will still make savings as the overall cost of broadband service will soon reduce in the coming future. Ofcom plans to reduce the wholesale price that Openreach charges for broadband packages from £88.80 to £52.77 on 2020-2021. Owned by BT, Openreach is the company that provides cables for telephone and broadband networks across the UK. It connects all businesses and homes to the national broadband and telephone network. If the cable and networking cost is reduced, it would impact the overall broadband bills as well. The regulator also hinted that by doing so, it will encourage BT’s competitors to offer broadband packages at cheaper rates. With […]

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