5G Network Slicing Brings BT And Huawei Together!!

March 20th, 2017
5G Network Slicing Brings BT And Huawei Together!!

Britain’s biggest telecom company BT joined hands with Huawei, the Chinese multinational networking and telecom equipment and service provider. The motto is to dominate the 5G networking services arena by doing efficient research on 5G network slicing. They have signed the 5G collaboration agreement to conduct research on network slicing and support features of 5G networks. To be conducted into BT labs and other locations across the UK, the research will explore the usage of a portion of the network for a dedicated task, which is the concept behind Network Slicing.

Talking more on Network Slicing, the experts suggest that it would be the signature feature of 5G networks and as the UK wants to be the global leader in 5G services, this seems to be a concrete move forward. Of course, we can expect high speed of the order of 1Tbps, but, the main idea is to use this standard of networks to operate numerous mobile gadgets including the IoT devices. These devices are used for everywhere starting from your home gate security to your office fire alarm. A power network would offer higher speeds to the IoTs in order to make them more efficient and productive.

Apart from the super speed, the focus of the research would be on reducing the latency period so that the 5G network can facilitate industrial functions with its ‘infinite capacity’. The networks would leverage Big Data analytics to get more information about the patterns of usage and customer preferences. It would play a big role in machine to machine communication by making it razor sharp, precise and timely.

Howard Watson, CEO of Technology, Service & Operations at BT said: “Customers are increasingly demanding converged networks that deliver a mix of flexibility, reliability and optimisation. It’s our role to ensure that our fixed and mobile networks deliver the best possible experience for customers regardless of the demands placed on them.”

Yang Chaobin, President of 5G Product Line from Huawei, added: “There are two different ways to realise the digitalisation of society. The first one is to have dedicated infrastructure for different requirements, the second one is to have a common infrastructure serving different vertical industries, and I believe the latter, which uses network slicing, will be critical to effective delivery of services and improved efficiency.”

Ericsson has already displayed the use of 5G network slicing for improving roaming services and both the heads explained the usefulness of this method by giving the example of live streaming of videos through thousands of mobile devices. With the method, the data streaming would be effortless and fast.

Exploring this kind of dedicated service of the mobile network would certainly make Britain one of the top countries in 5G network services. According to the British time table 5G networks would be fully fledged by 2020. So, let us wait, watch and get ready for the zooming mobile networks.

Shay Ramani, the founder of FreePriceCompare.com, shared his views on the topic by saying that “5G networks would do wonders for technology savvy industries and would facilitate high speed, quicker network responses and multi application support. Let us hope that customers get quicker mobile networks at pocket friendly rates.”

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