Does Internet of Things put your Home at a Security risk?

December 15th, 2016
Does Internet of Things put your Home at a Security risk?

The new era is all about smartness, from smart gadgets to smart homes, our life has become quite automatic and technology dependent. However, things are not hunky dowry in all fronts.

This is because the dependency on the Internet of Things has put our homes, cars and valuables at risk of being manipulated from an external space. Hackers across the world have claimed that these gadgets have opened smart homes to cyber attacks. Technology geniuses who like to misuse their knowledge can actually play disturbing tricks like triggering a smoke detector to cracking the PIN code of the digital lock of your home.

This is quite disturbing as the things which optimise our facilities may invite risks to us. As there is no denial to the Internet of Things, we would find more devices in the near future. Very soon Samsung would be coming up with a fridge that would play music, LG would be coming up with wardrobe that would steam and iron your clothes while Intel would come up with smart home devices for enhanced facilities.

Is the Internet of Things actually safe?

Well, researchers have found severe security and privacy threats with IoT devices. As per many reports, smart homes are the easiest way to spy on targets. Another most vulnerable item is the car as hackers found that car security is easiest to crack. Some of them have even managed to open BMW vehicles remotely. When it comes to computers a Trojan horse ransom ware can easily lock and unlock a computer when a ransom is paid for it.

Scientists and technology geeks suggested firewalls for smart homes but little has been done in realm so far. This keeps our homes open to hackers who may search and rob valuables from our place. According to ethical hackers, any IoT network in the UK can be cracked very easily by simple tricks like fake Wi-Fi base stations.

To sum up, smart devices may be the best things that have happened to us but, they can also be the things that put us into risk zones. This makes it all the more important to have a home insurance to protect ourselves from unexpected threats that come with facilities.

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