The Gambia Travel Guide

June 12th, 2017
The Gambia Travel Guide

Travel Gambia

The Gambia is one of the smallest countries in Africa and it is surrounded by Senegal all round its border other than a small 50 mile stretch facing the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia may have been over looked as a holiday destination in the past but in the last 10 years it has become increasingly popular with people (in particular from Europe) looking for a tropical exotic holiday without the jet lag (associated with other tropical destination), as it’s in the same time zone as the UK.

Visiting Gambia

The Gambia boasts an amazing coast line with palm trees forming a back drop to stunning beaches. It has lush green jungles which can be explored through the calm waters of the Gambia River.

Nature lovers should also visit the River Gambia National Park – a nature reserve where rescued chimpanzees are reintegrated to the wild, to live free and safe from poachers. The other national park is Kiang West National Park where you will see animals like bush babies, mongooses, hyenas and crocodiles living free in their natural state.

The Gambia also has a bustling market where you’ll see the culture of warm friendly people dressed in bright coloured clothes reflecting the attitude of this small tropical nation.

The Gambian hotels resorts are luxurious with access to beaches with stunning golden sands and the crystal blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. For the best hotels to Gambia use our search tool to get the best deals.

Why should you visit Gambia?

For an easy comfortable holiday destination: Gambia is an exotic travel destination which is only 6 hours away from the UK. As it has the same time zone as the UK, you do not feel the jet lag and enjoy a good vacation in this wonderful country famous for its beaches. However, there is much more than just sun and surf in this out of the ordinary African country.

For the winter sun destination: Unlike the UK where winters could be chilling, Gambia displays a sophisticated presence of the sun all around the cold season. You will find temperatures nearing 30 degrees from November to June and so, it’s perfect to beat your winter blues. Uninterrupted sunshine and no rainfall make Gambia the best escape destination for the cold season. It is an inviting place to get lazy on the beaches and relax under the sun.

For an insight of Africa: Unlike many African countries which overwhelm you with their culture and day-to-day life, Gambia can be a refreshing change. The people of this place speak English, which is their official language and therefore there are lower chances of getting a culture shock in this country. The place has a slow paced life with smiling and cooperative locals that help you discover the spirit of Africa in its true sense.

For the sheer pleasure of being on the beaches: Well, if you are a beach baby and want to be at a shore with fewer crowds then you should head towards Gambia. It is a place that has year-round sunshine which makes it accessible around the year.

It is perfect for all kinds of holiday makers: Unlike many tourist destinations which offer only standard accommodation facilities, Gambia offers different kinds of accommodation including five star hotels, unusual yet charming floating lodges and, fashionable and chic eco-retreats. This makes it interesting as all kinds of holiday makers can come and visit this country surrounded by natural splendours.

Must visit tourist attractions in Gambia:

  • Abuko Nature Reserve
  • Kiang West National Park
  • Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve
  • Kunta Kinteh Island
  • Gambia National Museum
  • Arch 22
  • Kachikally Crocodile Pool
  • Bijilo Forest Park
  • Wassu Stone Circles
  • Old Town
  • Sayang Beach
  • Gambia River National Park
  • James Island

When is the best time to visit Gambia?

November to February is considered peak season with dry, sunny weather that makes it very comfortable to watch birds and wildlife.

June to September is rainy time and most of the places are closed for tourists making it low season.

October and March to May is touted as the shoulder season with decent weather making it an ideal time to grab some good tourist discounts.

More Information:


The Gambia has a sub-tropical climate with two seasons – A dry season and a rainy season. The dry season runs from October- June.

Day time temperatures in The Gambia averages around 32C all year round with small fluctuations. In the evening the temperature falls to an average of 16C.


People who belong to any of the nations like UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and the Scandinavian and Ecowas countries do not need a visa to stay in Gambia for a period of 90 days.

For more details, you can check the following websites:


The country can be travelled by various modes of transport including car, bush taxis, buses, boats, bikes and more. Some companies offer guided tours and arrange vehicle transportation for you. However, their authenticity can be questioned as there are many fake guides and so, you should be careful.

How to reach Gambia from the UK?

The Gambia is 6-8 hours away from the UK by plane with a minimum of one schedule stop in between. The main international airport lies in the capital Banjul.

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