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Winter offer by E.On includes free insulation for all British households!

The Big Six Supplier E.On has taken a commendable step towards helping the energy consumers face the chilling winter. Just ahead of the winter the UK energy supplier has offered free insulation of cavity walls and lofts. Unlike others, the gas and electricity supplier has kept the offer open for all; you don’t need to […]

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SSE turns out to be highest profit maker amongst the Big Six suppliers

There have been heated debates over energy price capping and the UK government has declared that it would take strict action to offer cheaper energy bills to loyal customers. The Big Six energy suppliers have always been under the scanner of the energy regulator as they are touted as big profit makers. Proving it again, […]

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British Gas pushes electricity prices by 12.5% with effect from 15th September

Finally, the much anticipated move is made by the British Gas. The company that froze its energy prices even when its contemporaries were in a price rise spree has finally announced a 12.5% rise in its electricity prices. The Centrica owned company has kept its gas prices as it is. The change which will come […]

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Economy Energy proposes low cost energy tariffs, best for autumn and winter bills

Amidst the energy price rises announced by the Big Six energy suppliers, there are some gas and electricity providers that want to make a difference. Economy Energy, an independent gas and electricity supplier has proposed the cheapest energy tariffs for customers who are bogged down by the expensive standard variable tariffs. The company that offers […]

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Npower faces criticism for letting customers fall into debt of £1,600

The Big Six energy supplier Npower displays a rather insincere behaviour by allowing its customers to fall into energy debts of up to £1,600. The company does not spot such customers or intervene in order to save them from falling under the trap of paying higher bills. In fact, many of these customers face financial […]

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Know Your Energy Supplier - Woodland Trust Energy

Woodland Trust Energy Launched in April 2013, Woodland Trust Energy is the baby of OVO Energy. It originated by a collaboration of leading gas and electricity supplier OVO Energy and UK’s largest wood conservation charity called Woodland Trust. The pact is that whenever there is an energy switch to Woodland Trust Energy, OVO energy would […]

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