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With energy prices seemingly increasing every day, heating and lighting your home can seem very expensive. However, by taking ownership of your energy account online you could make a significant saving. Below, we explain how online energy tariffs provide a way to getting the cheapest dual fuel tariff possible. Moving to an online gas and […]

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DIY radiator bleeding – best solution for energy efficiency Nearly 84% of UK households use gas heating systems for warming up their homes. There are often times when your heating system is not performing up to its optimum level. The main reason of poor performance is the presence of air bubbles trapped in the radiator. […]

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GDIF had completed phase 1 back in July and in November this year, phase two will be released to customers. The project drained £120 million budget in the first seven weeks due to unprecedented levels of demand. Ed Davey (of the Liberal Democratic party) is expected to announce that they are to “Meet our promises […]

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  Environmentalists quote unpublished EU figures if the energy efficient target is made more ambitious with the aim of reducing energy use by 2030. UK’s GDP to increase by £62bn and 40,000 new jobs created, through efficient measures from a 40% cut in energy use by 2030, according to unpublished EU figures. If a lower […]

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Energy efficiency is good for the environment, cuts back on energy use, and reduces utility bills. However, there are many more aspects of energy efficiency that do not usually come to mind. That message is the basis of a recent report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) entitled “Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency”. […]

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  According to research only 38% of people fully comprehend how night storage heaters work. The Energy Saving Trust says, “Households with electric heating could be paying through the nose by not taking advantage of cheaper night rate electricity”. The main purpose for electric storage heaters is to take advantage of cheap, off-peak electricity rates. […]

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