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Winter offer by E.On includes free insulation for all British households!

The Big Six Supplier E.On has taken a commendable step towards helping the energy consumers face the chilling winter. Just ahead of the winter the UK energy supplier has offered free insulation of cavity walls and lofts. Unlike others, the gas and electricity supplier has kept the offer open for all; you don’t need to […]

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Good News!! Ofgem to slay Pre-payment meter installation cost from Jan’18

One of the best things done by energy regulator Ofgem is to cap the Pre-payment meter installation charges. With effect from January 2018, this cap would help UK energy customers switch to pre-payment meters. Till now they had to pay up to £900 each for the installation cost which is a sum total of the […]

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Are smart meters actually free for the UK households

Smart meters are considered a big money saver as they can actually cut down your energy bills by a huge margin. These intelligent meters are supposed to be installed in all 28 million families living in the UK. One of the key reasons for the government to finish the installation process by 2020 is that […]

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Big Six suppliers looting loyal customers, churning £7.3billion extra in the last five years

This is not news anymore as the energy companies and even government has made claims about how the Big Six suppliers does not offer the best benefits to their customers. Apart from increasing their tariffs by a considerable margin, they are also showing the least concern towards households which have chosen their services for years. […]

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Get to know the energy company that returns profits to its customers

There are many new entrants in the energy market as many customers were tired off the unreasonable price rises made by the Big Six energy suppliers. The new energy companies are doing all they can to disrupt their monopoly and to offer fairer and cheaper energy deals to the energy customer. More and more energy […]

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Big Six Energy suppliers show a high profit margin - An eye opener

For all those who have been loyal customer of the Big Six energy suppliers, there is something to think about. A small tweaking of the brain with the current facts will you’re your image of the Big Six. If you regard them for their quality then mind well there are numerous energy suppliers in UK […]

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