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According to Which?, Admiral customers are getting implicated to a £145 double charge. Admiral and its sister companies, Diamond and Elephant.co.uk, are charging a higher premium for customers who prefer to make monthly payments and then charging them interest too- meaning they are getting charged twice for the option to spread their car insurance quotes. […]

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All motorists would love to have a reduction in their car insurance premiums and a recent investigation by the CMA aimed to achieve this by increasing competition. Competition According to investigation it was discovered that there are many areas in which competition is being impeded and inefficiencies is leading to high premiums. Generally, it seems […]

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When you choose a car, you may consider a particular model or make, but what you might not have considered is that the kind of car you pick can have a significant impact on the amount you on your car insurance premium. In simple terms, your premium will be far greater on a Porsche compared […]

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Car insurance premiums may reduce in 2018!!

There is not an iota of doubt that car insurance premiums have seen a huge high in 2017 but there can be a sigh of relief in 2018 if the UK government reverses the Ogden rate calculation, which proved to be the major reason for increase in motor insurance costs. In a nutshell, the Ogden […]

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Switch to pay-as-you-go car insurance and start saving £300 a year

The inevitable question of how to save on car insurance premiums holds itself tight in front of the UK drivers. As the car insurance cost rises every now and then it becomes difficult to manage the finances. However, experts suggest that those who use cars for a small time period should switch to pay-as-you-go car […]

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Top UK cities are breeding grounds for fraudulent car insurance claims, says IFB

Experts have always argued that increase in car insurance costs are hugely due to fraudulent cases where collisions are well-planned just to get payout from UK car insurance providers. Digging into detail, it was discovered by the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) that top UK cities are the breeding grounds for such frauds. Cities like Birmingham, […]

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