Smart Meter Roll-out 2017 Facts and Figures- Infographics

May 31st, 2017
Smart Meter Roll-out 2017 Facts and Figures- Infographics

Smart Meter Roll-out 2017 Facts and Figures-Infographics

Smart meters are one of the finest technology upgradation in UK energy market. Smart Energy Meters measure the energy consumption with accuracy and thus prevent wrong bills and makes way for cheaper energy bills. Smart meter roll-out proved successful as 80% customers recommending it.

Let us take a glance at the UK smart meter rollout by checking the actual figures and facts. Well, the UK government has asked all UK energy suppliers to install 53 million smart meters by the end of 2020. These meters would be installed in households and commercial premises.

Out of these, there are 630,000 smart meters installed in UK households while 745,635 are installed at non-domestic (commercial) places by large energy providers. However, there are 22,169,100 traditional electricity meters still existing in UK. Along with that there are 18,836,900 of traditional gas meters at various domestic places in the UK.

One of the surprising observations is that out of the 6.01 million already installed smart meters; only 5.76 million are operating in smart mode. Some of the reasons for this difference are:

  • Customers switching to energy suppliers with no smart metering technology
  • Smart meters being unable to communicate externally via WAN
  • Building with smart meters getting demolished

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