Pit bull Insurance in the UK – Things pet owners must know!

August 30th, 2017
Pit bull Insurance in the UK – Things pet owners must know!

Pit bulls have been considered dangerous across the world. They were bred as fighting dogs and were used for dog fighting for years. Due to their specific biting style of hold and shake, these dogs can maul their prey very badly. Therefore, they are considered hazardous dogs which are subjected to the Dangerous Dogs Act. This act does not allow the owners to keep the dog in public places or any other space where they should not be living. If found, then these animals would be taken away by the police, even if they do not show any harmful behaviour.

Four dog breeds, including Pit BullTerrier, Japanese Tosas, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasiliero have been banned in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act. However, statistics suggest more than 3,000 pitbulls existing in the Britain, even when they have been banned for more than 25 years. Apart from the fear of the aggressive tendencies of this specific breed of dogs, there are many incidences that prove the loyalty and tranquil side of these exquisitely built dogs.

What to do to keep the pit bulls?

For owning a banned dog, you need to go to the court and prove that your pet is completely harmless and meet a number of conditions that should be followed for the rest of the dog’s life. You also need to get your pet registered with the Index of Emempted Dogs, which will certify your dog for life. Apart from this, a third party liability insurance is a must for dogs which fall into the dangerous dogs category.

Apart from insurance, you also need to get your pet microchipped and neutered. Moreover, whenever you take your pet in public, you should keep it muzzled and on the lead.

Pet Insurance for pit bulls:

Those who own pit bulls have many glorious stories about their strong yet gentle furry pals. Although, the pitbulls have a sturdy body, they also go through times of ill health and meet with accidental situations that cause them physical harm. Their treatment could be costly, especially due to their giant size and so, their owners must have pet insurance so as to get monetary assistance when required. Traditionally, it was nearly impossible to get pet insurance for dogs that are labelled as dangerous dogs by the government. However, this is no longer the case.

Third party liability insurance for dogs – a must for pitbulls

Apart from the regular pet insurance, pit bull owners should have third party liability insurance for dogs. This would help them in the event when there is any damage to person, property or pet due to the intentional or unintentional actions of their pitbull. As pitbulls can be dangerous, you may end up paying huge third party bills and so an insurance cover would be a big help.

In case,you do not have this insurance and your pet damages a person, pet or property, then you would be severely fined or can be imprisoned for not following the law. Do keep renewing your third party liability insurance in order to manage any legal issues as well as save your pet from being taken away by the legal authorities. The Index of Exempted dogs would keep an eye on the policy renewals and inform the police if it is not renewed.

You must check with your pet insurance provider about the inclusion of the third party liability cover. If the main policy does not have it then you can ask for a separate cover for managing liabilities to any third party. It is highly advisable to read the small print to check the exclusions of the policy so as to know the conditions in which the policy may not work in your favour.

Is it a must for quiet and happy pit bull dogs?

Even if you find your pit bull terrier saintly and placid, the law may not agree with you and so, the third party cover is a major requirement for owning a dangerous dog.

If yours is a working dog then you may lose out on many insurers who do not offer cover to working dogs. However, by comparing various pet insurance providers, you can figure out the one that suits your requirements.


To conclude, it is against the law to keep a banned breed of dog. If your animal loving soul still wants to enjoy the company of a so called hazardous dog which shows nothing but gentle behaviour then you need to abide by certain laws and follow rules stated by the government. You should also buy third party liability insurance for dogs and keep it up-to-date.

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