Know Your Energy Supplier: Utilita Energy

July 12th, 2016
Know Your Energy Supplier: Utilita Energy

Utilita Energy:

Founded in the year 2003, Utilita Energy is a famous name in the field of gas and electricity suppliers in the UK. The company is famous for supplying prepayment energy and for the use of smart meters. The company partnered with Secure Meters in 2007 and actualised the method of using smart meters to minimise energy consumption. The aim of both the companies was efficient use of energy to reduce fuel poverty.

Its popularity soared by 2010 and it became the first of its kind of energy suppliers that support the needs and necessities of prepayment customers. It has installed more than 30,000 smart meters and maintains competitive energy tariffs. It also finds out novel ways to pre-pay the energy bills. With the intention of keeping an eye on the customer’s comfort, the company maintains high standards of service and also stresses on providing clarity of information.

Utilita Energy and its customer centric approach:

Along with the use of smart meters to gauge energy consumption, the company also offers payment methods like Direct Debit and Pay As You Go. The company provides a friendly credit scheme in which you get extra credit of £10. This ‘Emergency credit’ proves helpful when the customer could not make top-up payment for electricity and gas supply. The company also gives extra time to its customers to make a top-up recharge.

Utilita Energy and history of price changes:

The company has increased its gas prices by 9.5% and electricity price by 8.4% in December 2013. It stated that the rise was due to the increase in government’s energy distribution cost and expenses required for environmental conservation programmes.

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