Best antivirus systems of 2018

September 18th, 2018
Best antivirus systems of 2018

How do you know what Anti Virus to buy?

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In this guide, we look into the best antivirus systems in the UK. As all computers are at threat of getting attacked by ever intelligent viruses, ransomware and malware, it is very important that now more than ever, you have a solid antivirus system in place. Whilst this is an extra cost on top of your current technology spend, it doesn’t need to cost you the earth. Below is our recommendation on the best affordable antivirus systems in the market.

Top antivirus systems of 2018

1 Total AV Ultimate Antivirus 2018

Overall Total AV Ultimate Antivirus 2018 is the best bang for buck option as it includes all the features you need for a price that seemingly can’t be beaten. The product is ideal for protection against the increasing attacks on personal information and online transactions on both PCs and mobiles. As a standard on its most basic package, you get real-time antivirus protection, identity safeguarding online and protection against phishing scams. On the ultimate package, amongst other enhancements, you get advanced firewall protection, PC optimization, removal of redundant files and system boost features At the time of writing, the Total AV ultimate antivirus 2018 allows for 5 devices at a cost of £149.95, but it IS discounted to £59.95. Rather more impressing however is the Total AV Essential Antivirus which usually retails for £99.95 but is currently on a massive 80% discount, bringing the price level down to £19.95! Given the low price point and the features, Total AV is our recommendation for the best value anti-virus system. To see the Total AV product range, click here

2 Norton Security Deluxe 2018

Much like other Norton antivirus systems, the Norton Security Deluxe 2018 is slick in design and offers next generation business-orientated products. The product has the backing from its parent company, Symantec, as it enhances on its cloud technology and has its own app (Norton Studio) which allows you to control all the devices from a single windows machine. Included as a standard is a password manager and Scan Insight and performance tool to keep your computer at speed. The price for this product is a hefty £69.99 but it is currently on discount at £29.99 for 5 devices. To see the Norton from Symantec product range, click here

3 Bitdefender Total Security 2019

The Bitdefender Total Security is good for the security conscious traveler or family. The product is currently offered at a discount for £49.99. Amongst other things, the package offers protection to 5 devices in the home and comes with 200MB per day per device VPN. The product has also been enhanced with a 2019 update to its software. To see the Bitdefender product range, click here

4 McAfee Total Protection 2018

The McAfee Total Protection 2018 comes with unlimited installs and a Virus Protection Pledge. Alongside this it has a Vulnerability Scanner which downloads the latest versions of your apps and there is a password manager. The product has a price tag of £89.99 but it is currently on offer for £44.99 To see the McAfee product range, click here

5 Avast Premier

The Avast Premier 2018 is very user friendly and could be a top contender in the future. The product comes with a firewall, ransomware shield and has several scan types. However, despite its big positives, users will get tired of the intrusive adverts on the product and the price tag of £59.99 for one device is high.   In this price, you will also not get any clean up tool, password manager or the AntiTrack privacy service which are made available by other anti-virus product providers. Whilst Avast Premier does cost £59.99, it is available at a reduced price of 47.99 which is still pretty high. To see the Avast product range, click here

6 Kaspersky Security Cloud

Generally speaking the Kaspersky Security Cloud and Kaspersky Total Security are similar in the sense that they both have the same main features. The main difference with the Security Cloud is that it comes with patented adaptive security tech that adjusts your setting depending on your activities. To add, it helps detect unauthorized devices and helps make stronger passwords. The Kaspersky Security Cloud is limited to 3 devices a year and costs £49.99! To see the Kaspersky product range, click here

7 BullGuard Premium Protection 2018

BullGuard Premium Protection 2018 comes with a network scanner offering protection to all internet connected devices in the home. Alongside this, it has an identity protection feature which scours the net for leaked information and has a parental control module which monitors the children’s mobile devices. Overall the user interface is technical as it offers lots of options and scan types but the antivirus system does not come with anti-ransom ware. For a massive 10 devices, the cost is £69.96 but it is currently on discount for £34.97. To see the BullGuard product range, click here

How do you know what Anti Virus to buy?

Free Price Compare is here to simplify these and show you the top Anti Virus products.

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