Dual Fuel Tariffs: Save on Your Energy Bills

March 23rd, 2017
Dual Fuel Tariffs: Save on Your Energy Bills

The upward price trend of the utility bills has made the average person face great difficulties in making their ends meet. As the tariffs for household energyare continuously increasing, the common consumers are trying to find ways to cut their energy costs. One such way is to opt for a dual energy bill/dual fuel tariff.

What is Dual Fuel Tariff?

Dual fuel is when you purchase both of your energy sources, electricity and gas, from the same supplier. You may find out if you are already paying for dual fuel tariffs by simply analyzing your recent energy bills. If you see that you are being charged for both gas and electricity on the same bill than you are already on the dual fuel program. On the other hand, if you are receiving bills for your gas and electricity from two different companies than you are on a separate bill program.

Background into the high energy prices

Before, we can examine the benefits of a dual fuel tariffs, we need to look at the factors which contribute to the increase in electricity and gas prices.

Most energy companies still use fossil fuels to generate both gas and electricity for general use. However, given the growing global hunger for energy and, the fact that fossil fuel is non-renewable the cost of energy keeps rising at a global level. More particularly, there is a disparity between countries which have this energy and countries which have to import this energy. Given the simple fact that finite resources held by the few, needs to meet the infinite demands of the many, prices keep rising and will continue to rise unless a renewable resolution is discovered.

Benefits of a dual fuel tariff
  • Dual fuel discount,
  • Online account management,
  • Convenience,
  • Lower bills,
  • Easy to contact – no need to ring different suppliers,
  • More discount if paid via Direct debit ,
  • Less paperwork

How to switch & compare

Although the dual fuel plan gives you gas and electricity from one supplier, it may not prove to be the cheapest energy source. The total bill may prove more costly than your current supplier. It is better to compare the prices, suppliers and their latest deals to check whether this switch proves to be affordable.

Gas units to kWh converter

This ranges from 37.5 to 43.0, and is set by National Grid for each distribution zone. Use 39.3 default for a rough answer.
*Check your latest bill for the exact value*


Your estimated number of kilowatt-hours used will be displayed here.

Comparing all the deals and suppliers on your own can be a tedious job. Better switch to energy experts like FreePriceCompare.com to make sure you switch and invest in the cheapest energy deal possible. These experts will suggest to you exact savings on each deal. Based on this comparison you can decide if you want to switch to a dual fuel energy contract.

What are the payment methods for dual fuel?

The payment methods are same as that of separate gas and electricity contracts. However, direct debit often proves to be a cheaper option. It saves the cost of stamps, posting of cheques and the supplier may offer a discount. For people who don’t want to go for bank account payment, an easy way is to pay the bills over the counter at the post office. Or, an online payment through debit or credit card will also do.

Is dual fuel payment an inconvenient task?

No! Dual fuel payment is as easy as single gas and single electricity payment. If you face any difficulty then you can call the supplier and ask for a solution. They will suggest to you the best way to make payments like prepayments or direct debit.

Dual fuel plans are available to consumers of both gas and electricity at the same address. At FreePriceCompare we will always display the cheapest option available to you based on the information you have provided. Take back control of your bills with Freepricecompare! We make it easy to compare & Save Up To £578.

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