New UK Energy Tariffs: Latest Launches

July 10th, 2015
New UK Energy Tariffs: Latest Launches

I have read the report published in regarding over paying on energy bills by majority homes (around 70%) in UK. A study conducted by Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) says around 70% consumers are using energy through expensive tariffs while cheaper tariffs available in the market!!!

Mainly dual-fuel energy subscribers who can save up to £160 a year have failed to choose the most economic deals. And most importantly the reason given by the CMA is much unanticipated for me at least. CMA found few reasons and first is Lack of Awareness about deals, tariffs and other related terms, the second is confusing bills. As a comparison service provider through Free Price Compare, it’s my moral duty to bring some awareness through my article and I have kicked off by this article which gives you a perfect insight into the ten recently launched energy tariffs by leading energy suppliers of UK.

Energy Supplier: British Gas

1: Fix and Fall November 2016

As name suggest the unit rates are fixed until 30th of November 2016. You don’t worry about price hikes but you can enjoy price fall during your contract. No exit fee apply if you switch to another supplier before the contract due. You will get annual discount of £15 if you buy both gas and electricity from British Gas.

2: Fix and Reward September 2016

In this tariff British Gas offers gift voucher of £50 that can be redeemed while shopping from amazon. The price is fixed at current standard rates until 30th of September 2016 under this tariff plan. You will also applicable for annual discount of £15 if you have both gas and electricity from British Gas.

Energy Supplier: Sainsbury’s Energy

3: Fixed Price July 2016

In this tariff plan, Sainbury’s Energy provides fixed price energy until 31st of July 2016. You don’t need to worry about price rise till the contract due but if you switch to other supplier in between the contract, you have to pay exit fee of £30 per fuel. Company provides online account management for this plan. This plan is recommended for average consuming customers.

4: Price Promise August 2016

This is dual fuel only tariff recommended for higher consuming household users. The standing charge of 35.700p application per day. Your energy price is fixed until 31st of August 2016. Payment option is monthly direct debit.

5: Price Freeze August 2016

By subscribing this tariff consumer get hazel free gas and electricity supply from Sainsbury’s Energy at a fixed price until 31st of August 2016. Standing charge of 10.500p per day is fixed till the contract due. This tariff is available for customers who pay through monthly direct debit. Recommended for lower consuming customers.

Energy Supplier: Npower

6: Home Safe Fix April 2017

This plan is available for duel fuel only. In this plan your energy price is fixed until 30th of April 2017. Additionally you will get gas appliance safety inspection for your gas boiler and gas appliances at your home and a carbon monoxide alarm. Npower offers quick switching within 17 days. You are able to manage your account through mobile app.

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