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Sales on CD’s and DVD’s have been declining for some time now with the increased appetite for on demand, internet streamed content. But HMV have been clawing back some of their market share. Bought by Hilco in early 2013 for £50m, the chain went into administration, but has managed to turn its fortunes around since the buy-out. For the first time since September 2013, HMV’s music sales have beaten Amazon’s, in a surprising come-back for high street retail. Analysts have attributed the resurgence in physical sales to the ability for shoppers to browse and pick up, look at and walk around the products. With music playing in the background and everything sorted alphabetically, it can be quite a pleasant experience shopping in a music store. For those bored of the more functional experience on Amazon or other online retailers, HMV offers a back to basics option. HMV has seen their […]

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