Top Hyperoptic TV and Broadband Deals

December 14th, 2022
Top Hyperoptic TV and Broadband Deals

What can I expect from Hyperoptic broadband and TV services?

There are four different speeds that Hyperoptic customers can choose from, each of which are suited to a range of different activities and stand strong, even when compared to the very best TV and broadband deals in the UK.

Fast Hyperoptic services

With average speeds of around 50Mbps, fast Hyperoptic services can easily handle a variety of different online activities, including video streaming.

Superfast Hyperoptic services

Superfast service customers can expect an average speed of 150Mbps, which is arguably better suited to larger households. With this service, video calling, online gaming and streaming HD films and TV shows is simple.

Ultrafast Hyperoptic services

Offering average speeds of 500Mbps, ultrafast Hyperoptic services can easily handle the needs of even the most demanding, large households. In fact, with speeds like this, every member of the family can be gaming, streaming or downloading at the same time with no issues.

Hyperfast Hyperoptic services

If only the best is good enough, hyperfast services are designed to please even the most discerning customers as they offer average speeds of around 900Mbps.

All Hyperoptic packages are free from download limits, which means that customers can really maximise the benefits of the speed on offer.

What do Hyperoptic broadband contracts look like?

There are a variety of different contract lengths for customers to choose from, including standard 12-month and 24-month options. Additionally, customers can also sign up to a monthly rolling contract, which can deliver that extra layer of flexibility that many are looking for.

Naturally, monthly rolling contract options cost more, however, this may be worthwhile for those who don’t want to be stuck with a costly early termination fee in the middle of a longer contract term.

Is line rental included with Hyperoptic packages?

As Hyperoptic operates on its own separate network, there is no need to pay any line rental charges. This also provides an extra layer of flexibility, as customers are free to choose a combined broadband and home phone package or a broadband-only deal.

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What is included in Hyperoptic broadband and home phone packages?

For customers who aren’t ready to give up their home landline, the good news is that combined packages are available with a range of features, including call barring and call waiting. The standard package comes with inclusive weekend and evening calls, the latter of which covers all calls made between 7pm and 7am.

If that doesn’t meet your needs, customers can choose an add-on for an additional monthly fee. The anytime UK landline add-on covers all calls to landline numbers in the UK, and the international add-on provides discounts on all international calls.

Is Hyperoptic available in my area?

As a relatively new player in the broadband market, the Hyperoptic network is growing in size and offering connectivity to increasing numbers of postcodes across the UK. This does, however, mean that these services are not currently as accessible as other service providers, which typically leverage the BT Openreach network.

Currently, Hyperoptic connectivity is most commonly found in new housing and apartment complexes, however, you can see if your postcode is covered by the network using the Hyperoptic coverage map here.

It is currently available in just over 60 towns and cities across the UK, however, Hyperoptic only expands its network coverage on a building-by-building basis. Currently, the towns and cities offering Hyperoptic connections include Liverpool, Edinburgh, Nottingham, London, York, Sheffield, Milton Keynes, Hartlepool, Glasgow, and Manchester.

What are the advantages of Hyperoptic?


Hyperoptic is one of the UK’s leading providers of fast internet connections and its 1Gb package has been shown to be 18x faster than the average broadband connection in the UK. Speeds are maintained 24/7, even during peak times.


Whether you just want a broadband deal or you’re interested in a broadband and phone package, there are a range of options to suit all needs. Additionally, customers can choose from several different contract lengths, including monthly rolling options.


All Hyperoptic packages come with unlimited downloads, which means you are free to stream, transfer and browse without having to be mindful of a usage cap or costly additional charges.

Fixed costs

Hyperoptic is dedicated to ensuring that no price rises will take place during active contract periods. Additionally, there are regular discounts and sales available for customers to take advantage of.


Tech and customer service support is easily accessible 24/7 which means that any issues or queries will be addressed in a timely manner.

What are the disadvantages of Hyperoptic?


Currently, Hyperoptic availability across the UK is extremely limited. Additionally, landline customers may find that the current services available aren’t suitable for their needs. International calls remain relatively costly and while UK landline to UK landline calls are well catered for, landline to UK mobile calls aren’t included.

Lack of perks

While new customers can benefit from promotions, deals and discounts, there currently aren’t any rewards or perks for existing customers.


Perhaps unsurprisingly for a new, limited service, the associated costs may be unnecessary for customers who simply don’t need top broadband speeds.

If you’re looking to compare TV and broadband deals, simply use our comparison tool to find the best, most cost-effective option for your needs. We compare the best TV and broadband deals on the market to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date facts to inform your purchasing decision.

Is there anything unusual about Hyperoptic services?

There are some atypical features included within Hyperoptic packages, including the provision of symmetrical download and upload speeds.

Additionally, Hyperoptic also offers a Fair Fibre Plan, which delivers fully flexible and discounted broadband services to low-income households. This plan is available to both new and existing customers who receive a range of benefits, including Pension Credit, Income Support, Personal Independence Payment, Universal Credit, and Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). This plan is offered on a monthly rolling contract basis, which means you won’t be locked into a long-term commitment.

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Are any other providers faster than Hyperoptic?

Hyperoptic’s fastest package isn’t quite as speedy as the Gig1 broadband offered by Virgin Media, which claims to offer average speeds of 1,130Mb. Naturally, however, there are a range of other factors that come into play, including local coverage.

It’s also worth noting that Virgin Media does not offer symmetrical upload and download speeds with this package, so while download speeds are slightly faster, it only offers upload speeds of 52Mb. These reduced upload speeds can impact a range of online activities, including file transfers, video calling, and gaming.

How much do Hyperoptic services cost?

The most up-to-date pricing options can be seen in the table above, as special offers and deals are available relatively regularly. These offers can come in the form of reduced monthly payments or discounted or waived installation costs, which can equate to savings of up to £30.

50Mbps broadband only deals typically come in at £20 per month for a 24-month contract, with hyperfast broadband packages costing in the region of £35 for 24 months. The same deals on a 12-month contract come in at around £22 and £40 per month respectively, with monthly rolling contracts commanding slightly higher charges of £26 and £52 per month respectively.

Are Hyperoptic services good?

Hyperoptic has a proven record for providing excellent, fast broadband services to customers across the UK. In fact, the brand has won awards for both its broadband packages and its customer service, including the Best Consumer Internet Service Provider (ISP) at the Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) UK Awards.

Although the brand isn’t yet widespread enough to be included in Ofcom research, Hyperoptic has received more than 10,000 5-star customer satisfaction reviews on Trustpilot.

What can I expect from Hyperoptic customer service?

Dedicated to offering 24/7 support, Hyperoptic customer service representatives can be reached via phone, email, and live chat. They have accrued a 4.6 Trustpilot TrustScore, with 87% of reviewers stating that the service received is ‘Excellent’.

It is worth noting that Hyperoptic’s call centre is based in Belgrade Serbia, however, the absence of a UK-based option has not negatively impacted the satisfaction levels of their customers.

Will I receive a router with Hyperoptic Broadband?

All Hyperoptic broadband packages come with a free Hyperhub. Hyperhubs are dual-band and fully optimised to enhance the benefits associated with the Hyperoptic network.

Customers who take out a Fast or Superfast package will receive the ZTE Hyperhub, which is a quality superfast router with integrated VoIP support for landline calls.

Ultrafast and Hyperfast customers will receive a Nokia Hyperhub, which is a business-grade router that is equipped with additional antennas. It also utilises channel optimisation and automatic band steering to minimise interference and deliver the best quality signal 24/7.

Can I extend my Hyperoptic network?

For an additional monthly charge, customers can purchase the Total Wi-Fi service, which leverages mesh technology to ensure that you benefit from optimal reliability, speed and coverage in all areas of your home. The Total Wi-Fi service can be added to your package at any time to enhance the reach of your connection, even after placing your initial broadband order.

This add-on includes the Minihub, which is a powerful Wi-Fi extender that can be set up with ease. A single Minihub should be more than enough to boost your signal, however, multiple Minihubs can be added to your network in larger homes.

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