Supplier in the spotlight – Shell Energy

June 29th, 2022
Supplier in the spotlight – Shell Energy

Broadband isn’t necessarily the first service that springs to mind when thinking about the Shell brand, however it has been a significant player in the broadband sector since 2018 when the global energy giant acquired First Utility in 2018. Recently, Shell Energy has also acquired the Post Office Broadband brand and has been impressing both industry professionals and customers for its selection of competitive broadband deals.

If you are curious about Shell Energy broadband deals or want to learn more about what you might be able to expect from the brand if you choose to switch your broadband service to them, keep reading!

How good is Shell Energy broadband?

With a selection of straightforward broadband packages available, Shell Energy is worth considering if you’re looking to switch or purchase a new service. In many respects, the brand takes a no-nonsense approach to its offering with zero setup costs, unlimited downloads, and reasonable pricing structures.

What are the advantages of Shell Energy broadband?

One of the main factors that makes Shell Energy broadband deals an attractive prospect for many is affordability. In many cases, you will find that a Shell Energy broadband package is the most affordable option when conducting a price comparison search.

Additionally, Shell Energy broadband packages come in a variety of different forms, with options running across ADSL, FTTC, FTTP, and GFast. There are currently 10 different package options available, from 11Mbps deals suited to individuals and small households to very speedy 920Mbps deals for heavy internet users who live in highly connected postcodes.

In most cases, only customers who do not have an existing phone line will need to pay any form of setup costs when purchasing a Shell Energy broadband deal. If you already have a functional phone line, you are unlikely to be charged an installation fee.

Existing customers of Shell Energy are eligible for a discount when they take out a broadband package. This could provide significant savings, however it is still important to compare deals from other providers to ensure that you are getting the maximum value for money as well as all the features you need.

What are the disadvantages of Shell Energy broadband?

Although a no-frills approach to broadband is somewhat refreshing in a sea of complex offerings from a range of other providers, it is important to note that there is a distinct absence of additional services. Every package is supplied with a basic router model and there is no TV provision included with any of its available packages.

Shell Energy is a relatively new player in the broadband world and as such, it doesn’t have much of a demonstrable customer service history. Although this may not prove to be an issue at all, all broadband contracts run for 18 months and you may prefer to pursue a less risky avenue by selecting a provider with a proven history of offering first-class customer service.

What can I expect from Shell Energy broadband deals?

Shell Energy offers a variety of broadband deals, including fibre optic, ADSL and Ultrafast options. So, regardless of your usage needs, you are likely to find a package that suits you.

Every Shell Energy broadband package comes with unlimited usage, which means that you won’t need to worry about your connection slowing or additional charges increasing your monthly bill. It is worth noting here that Shell Energy states in its terms and conditions that it reserves the right to make changes to a customer’s service if they are found to ‘place excessive bandwidth demands on the service for continued periods.’ This is a relatively vague statement which is only likely to cause issues for a tiny minority of customers, but it is worth being aware of regardless.

So, let’s take a deeper look at some of the broadband packages available from Shell Energy.

– Fast Broadband Package

The Fast Broadband package is the most basic and cheapest package deal available from Shell Energy. It offers average speeds of 11Mbps, which is likely to only suit small households with up to two people completing basic online tasks such as browsing social media and online shopping. Larger households and those who want to complete more intensive online tasks may find that this connection lags.

– Superfast Fibre Package

The Superfast Fibre package from Shell Energy offers average speeds of 35Mbps and is generally regarded as offering a significantly faster and more reliable connection. As such, this type of package can be a good choice for larger households who don’t need a particularly intensive connection.

– Superfast Fibre Plus Package

For larger households where numerous different devices are often used at the same time, this package from Shell Energy may be more suitable than the above option. Average speeds here stand at 63Mbps, which matches the offerings available from most other fibre broadband providers across the UK.

– Ultrafast Broadband Packages

If you’re looking for broadband packages with even faster speeds, Shell Energy Broadband has two ultrafast options. Ultrafast Fibre offers average speeds of 140Mbps and the Ultrafast Fibre Plus package has average speeds of 290Mbps.

What do Shell Energy broadband upload speeds look like?

We’ve already covered the download speeds associated with each broadband package available from Shell Energy, but what about upload speeds? If you want to use your broadband connection to send or copy information from your device to another device or cloud storage service, getting a broadband deal with fast upload speeds is essential.

Shell Energy Fast broadband packages offer a maximum upload speed of 1Mbps, however this increases to 9.5Mbps with the Superfast Fibre package and again to 19Mbps with the Superfast Fibre Plus package.

Shell Energy Ultrafast Fibre packages offer maximum upload speeds of between 15 Mbps and 45Mbps, with the top Full Fibre package boasting a maximum upload speed of 109Mbps.

So, regardless of your personal usage needs, there should be a Shell Energy broadband package to suit you.

What router will I receive with a Shell Energy broadband package?

Customers who purchase a Fast or Ultrafast broadband package with Shell Energy will receive a Technicolor TG588v2 router. This is a basic single-band model and although it will perform adequately, there isn’t anything impressive about it. In fact, it is arguably one of the lowest quality routers provided by broadband providers in the UK.

Customers who sign up for a Fibre broadband package with Shell Energy will receive a Technicolor DWA0120 router. This dual-band router has the ability to automatically ensure your Wi-Fi is always connected to the best possible signal. However, it only contains three internal antennas, which means your broadband signal may not reach every corner of your home. Again, this is one of the lowest quality premium routers provided by UK broadband providers particularly when compared to the likes of the BT Smart Hub which boasts seven internal antennas.

While you are not required to use the router that is provided by Shell Energy as part of your deal, it is somewhat disappointing to see that they are not in line with many other UK providers in terms of quality.

Does Shell Energy employ traffic management policies with its broadband offering?

Unlike many other broadband providers in the UK, Shell Energy does not have a specific traffic management policy that could see your upload and download speeds fall during peak times. This means that you shouldn’t experience any frustrating lags in your service, even during the busiest times.

Is anything else included in Shell Energy Broadband packages?

Pay-as-you-go calls come as standard with every broadband package, but you will need to pay extra to incorporate landline services into your deal. These extra services include:

Evenings and Weekend Plus, which covers all calls to 01, 02 and 03 phone numbers as well as calls to standard UK mobile numbers between 7pm and 7am Monday-Friday and across the weekend.

There are also anytime landline packages available as well as international packages that offer up to 600 minutes to landline numbers across 40 countries.

It is important to be aware that inclusive calls to UK phone numbers only last for 60 minutes. However, it is possible to avoid being charged for making longer calls by hanging up and redialling the same number, as this will reset the timer and you will be able to chat free of charge for an additional 60 minutes.

Do I have to purchase a Shell Energy calling plan?

You do not need to purchase a calling plan from Shell Energy to ensure the functionality of your broadband service. It is also possible to make calls without a calling plan in place, however every call that is made outside a call plan will be charged at a standard rate, which will be set out in the Shell Energy price list.

It is also possible to purchase several additional call related features for an extra fee, including voicemail, call divert, and call waiting.

Phone services are not offered to customers taking out a Full Fibre plan, as this type of broadband package uses fibre optic lines rather than phone lines. Although many fibre providers do offer add-on phone services, this is not currently something that is available from Shell Energy.

Is Shell Energy Broadband available in my area?

Shell Energy is one of many broadband providers in the UK that uses the Openreach network to deliver its services to properties. Although it is highly likely that Shell Energy Broadband is available in your area, you will need to use a postcode checker to determine for certain whether this is the case.

What is Shell Energy Broadband customer service like?

As one of the newest broadband providers in the UK, not as much is known about the level of customer service customers can expect.

Shell Energy provides customers with several different ways to get in touch if a problem occurs, including phone lines that are open between 8am and 8pm on weekdays, and between 9am and 4pm on Saturdays. There is also a customer service email address and a Live Chat feature available on the Shell Energy broadband website.

The Shell Energy mobile app offers broadband account management services, with customers also able to contact customer service directly via the app. The provider also manages social media channels offering support, with customers able to use both Facebook Messenger and Twitter between 8am and 8pm on weekdays and between 9am and 4pm on Saturdays.

Essentially this means that existing Shell Energy customers have said that the brand provides high-quality customer service and excellent resolution options when issues have arisen.

Does Shell Energy offer any freebies with broadband packages?

Shell Energy is not a provider that relies on offering incentives or freebies to encourage new customers to sign up to a broadband package, particularly because there are generally no upfront costs required when signing up.

It does sometimes offer Shell Go+ rewards as well as bill credits, which can offer additional savings on what are already very competitively priced packages. The Shell Go+ rewards scheme offers a 3% discount on petrol from Shell service stations alongside a variety of other personalised offers at various times throughout the year.

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