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As critical illness cover is generally 5 times more expensive than life insurance for the same sum insured, reflecting the relative risks of these occurrences, so having a combined policy can mean quite high monthly premiums. One way to reduce these costs is to lower the sum insured for the critical illness cover element of the policy. Indeed, this can often be a justifiable decision as many policyholders are able to recover from the effects of a critical illness and return to some form of normality within one or two years of the illness. Therefore matching the same level of cover for life insurance is sometimes seen as more of a “nice-to-have�? than a necessity.


Life insurance is typically linked to the duration of a mortgage to help protect immediate family members and other dependents from financial hardship, but the term can be set for any number of years up to the policyholder's 70th birthday. The typical period of cover is no more than 30 years.


Decreasing Cover is normally used to cover a repayment mortgage, where the amount of money the policyholder has been insured for decreases in line with the value of the mortgage.

Level Cover is where the amount of money the policyholder has been insured for remains level throughout the term of the policy. This type of cover is more suitable for an interest-free mortgage where the value of the mortgage remains level.

Indexed Cover is where the amount of money the policyholder has been insured for increases with inflation throughout the term of the policy.


Selecting a Joint policy ensures that both individuals are covered by the insurance, but only one payment will be made in the event of a claim from either policyholder, at which point the policy will cease.

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