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1. Life Insurance

In the event of your death, this provides a lump-sum payment to your loved ones so they don’t have to face financial hardship.

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2. Life & Critical Illness Cover

As an add-on to life insurance, this policy also pays out if you obtain a permanent disability by injury.

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3. Critical Illness Cover only

If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, such as cancer or a permanent disability caused by injury, then this policy pays out a one-off tax free lump sum payment.

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Life Insurance

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Why should I consider getting a life insurance policy?

In the event that the worst happens, a life insurance policy gives you a peace of mind as your loved ones are looked after financially.

What are some of the different types of life insurance policies?

  • Level term cover
  • Mortgage Protection (decreasing term cover)
  • Critical Illness cover
  • Whole of life cover
  • Over 50’s cover

What should I consider before taking out a life insurance policy?

Some of the factors you should consider when taking out a life insurance policy are -

  • The level of cover required – at the very least this should be enough to cover your outstanding debts and other outgoings
  • Monthly premiums- ensure you can keep up with the payments for the whole period of the policy
  • The policy is written in-trust- this will make sure that the pay-out is quick and doesn’t form part of the estate
  • The type of policy is suitable to your circumstances – if there has been a life event, such as a new born baby in the household, then you should review your policy again to make sure you have taken all the factors into account.

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    Life Insurance Glossary

    Joint life insurance policy. A life insurance policy that cover two people in a relationship

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    If you have dependants, than life insurance is something you should already have to secure the financial well-being of your loved ones.

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