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Who provides WPA health insurance?

WPA health insurance is provided by Western Provident Association (WPA), a not-for-profit association established nearly 120 years ago. WPA prides itself on providing customer value rather than shareholder value, focused on healthcare only. They're recognised as revolutionising UK healthcare by the World Health Organisation for the development of groundbreaking policies covering cancer treatment.

What services do WPA health insurance provide?

WPA health cover includes policies for the self-employed, professionals and families across four main types of cover with different levels to suit individual needs.

Flexible Health - Offering three levels of comprehensive and modular cover with optional extras, allowing the customer to create exactly the right policy for their needs. The Premier and Elite levels of Flexible Health have been awarded the Moneyfacts Private Medical Insurance Five Star Rating for 2020.

Multi-Family Healthcare Plan - There's no upper age limit on this family policy allowing customers to protect two or more family members under the same policy, even if they live at different addresses. Reassuringly, all the levels include cancer cover. This plan has also been awarded the Moneyfacts Private Medical Insurance Five Star Rating for 2020.

NHS Top-Up Personal Health Cash Plan - This cover gives money back on routine healthcare costs for the whole family. Customers can join up to the age of 65, no medical examination is required and children are included for free.

Money-back is given on items such as:

  • Regular eye tests, along with prescription glasses and contact lenses.
  • Routine dental treatments.
  • Physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic treatment and more.
  • Stays in hospital, attending A&E and even NHS car parking costs.
  • Specialist consultations to discuss proposed treatment pathways.

NHS Top-Up Dental Cash Plan - This plan offers protection for routine and preventative dental care for the whole family. Two levels of cover give the choice of NHS or private treatment.

Included in the Top-Up Dental cash plan:

  • Cover for routine dental treatment and some emergency dental appointments.
  • Cashback for repairs to teeth caused by an external blow to the face.
  • In the case of oral cancer, cover for treatment by a recognised repair specialist.
  • A lump sum after receiving treatment in an NHS hospital for a dental injury or repair treatment.

Pros and cons of WPA health cover


  • Policies with no upper age limit
  • Children covered for free
  • Cover for the self-employed
  • Cancer drugs covered
  • Cashback for dental treatment, hospital stays and opticians appointments


  • Mental health conditions are not covered
  • Long-term chronic conditions are not covered

WPA health cover FAQs

Are there any discounts available?

Self-employed people or professionals receive up to 20% off WPA's Flexible Health range of policies. Not just for themselves but also for any additional members on their policy.

Am I covered on holiday?

Included in both Comprehensive Multi-Family and Elite Flexible Health plans, Overseas Emergency Treatment covers you for £500,000 over 70 days per trip, up to 180 days per year. It's also available as an optional extra on some other plans too.

Can I choose my excess level?

Unlike a traditional excess, 75% of each claim for eligible treatment is paid by WPA no matter how small. You share the cost of your treatment by contributing 25% towards each claim for eligible treatment. This contribution is 'capped' at an agreed level for the year meaning it won't cost more than you have decided you can afford.

WPA customer reviews

With 85% of their customers rating them 5 stars on TrustPilot and an average score of 4.7 out of 5 customers are clearly happy with their policies and service.

Praise for WPA includes:

"I get through to an advisor always very quickly, never in a queue too long."

"Compassion and understanding to make the whole procedure painless."

"Fantastic health care provider. Highly recommended."

"Had to claim a few weeks ago, no quibble and sorted very quickly."


If you want to protect yourself and your family against future health conditions, a WPA health plan can certainly make being seen easier and faster. However, pre-existing conditions sadly aren't included in the cover, nor is maternity care.

For everything else, WPA provides a comprehensive range of cover options to suit your needs and pocket, plus as a not-for-profit, care comes before shareholders.

4000+ reviews