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Who provides National Friendly health insurance?

National Friendly, a Mutual Society, started out in 1868. It quickly grew during WWI and it created a home to provide aid to injured soldiers. It went on to take over Railway Deposit Friendly Society after seeing a rise in success following WWII.

What services does National Friendly health insurance provide?

National Friendly offers one health plan for private Optimum Policy medical insurance. This is an individual plan that can be broken down into an outpatient level of cover and an inpatient level of cover. You can choose to purchase either separately or both can be brought together for a monthly discount. Both of these plans are available for people aged 18 years to 75 years, but they are particularly competitive for those aged 50 and over.

One of the unique points of the Optimum policy is that, unlike its competitors, National Friendly offers a full five year contract to its customers. The benefit of this is that it does not take into account any claims you might need to make during that time until after that full five year period has expired. For each five year contract, you don't have to worry about any claims increasing your monthly premiums.

National Friendly pride itself on covering the whole treatment journey with private care. As you know it can often be difficult to get an appointment with your registered NHS GP, so National Friendly offers unlimited phone call consultations with their GP advice line and even include webcam consultations in this too.

You can choose from a selection of private hospitals in which to have your treatment. London has more choices than anywhere else, however premiums are usually extra if you want a central London hospital.

The inpatient cover offered as part of the Optimum Policy has an annual limit of £1 million, which covers any treatment requiring a stay in any of their private hospitals. The outpatient cover is a more limited option, with an annual limit of £2,000 aimed specifically at covering the costs associated with any treatment that does not require an overnight stay. The limit can be increased to £5,000 for an additional cost should you prefer.

Pros and cons of ational Friendly


  • Five year policy buffers you against price rises for that whole period.
  • Cover available up to the age of 75
  • Discounts available for taking out both inpatient and outpatient cover together


  • No 'no-claims discount' available
  • Outpatient cover limited to £2,000 unless an additional premium is paid

National Friendly health insurance FAQs

Can I bring my No Claims Bonus from my previous private medical insurance policy?

National Friendly does not use a 'no claims bonus' system to keep its pricing more straightforward, but it also does not have any hidden add-on fees for switching from another provider

Can I choose my excess level?

Yes, you can. National Friendly offers a range of excess levels to suit every budget and also gives the option to review them annually, useful if your circumstances change

Are there any discounts available?

By taking out both policies National Friendly will reduce each monthly premium by £5, a saving of £10 per month

National Friendly customer reviews

Based on a survey of 180 private medical insurance customers held in 2019, National Friendly received a satisfaction score of 96% for overall service experience.

Praise for them on Trustpilot suggest the insurer keeps explanations and communication simple, making it an easy process for the customer. Feedback also commends the organisation for being as friendly as its name suggested and that its way of working is straightforward, easy and clear. Experts from National Friendly are highlighted as offering sympathetic, helpful and professional advice to its customers, and one person mentions their loyal 10-year custom that they're happy to keep renewing.


If you want to protect yourself against future health conditions, a National Friendly health plan can certainly make speaking to a medical professional much more accessible and give you access to private healthcare from consultation to treatment. However, outpatient cover is limited without paying additional premiums.

With a choice of excess premiums available National Friendly provides comprehensive private healthcare insurance to suit your needs and pocket.

4000+ reviews