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Vitality private medical insurance offers a variety of health cover plans and life insurance cover, along with rewards that are designed to reward healthy living. The service has been rated as five star by Defaqto. The company exists to make its customers healthier and to protect and enhance their lives with healthy lifestyles and rewards for doing so, as part of a shared value model. It has a pledge to help 100 million people boost their activity levels by 20% in the next five years.

What does Vitality health insurance offer?

Vitality Health offers a series of health insurance policies, including the leading Vitality Programme. You can Vitality private medical insurance as an individual, a family or as a business. The scheme is designed to offer you rapid access to consultants, scans, diagnostics and any treatment if you experience one of the many health conditions covered under the plan.

What is included in Vitality health insurance's policies?

Members have the chance to tailor their own programmes according to what they need. The starting point is the core cover programme which covers a series of private medical insurance essentials. This cover includes benefits such as:

  • Day and inpatient treatment
  • Cancer cover
  • Access to a Vitality GP 24/7 on a digital basis, with 48 hour video call lead times, private prescriptions and referrals to a private consultant as needed
  • A Vitality care team for health advice and guidance
  • A full cover guarantee
  • Consultant select, so that consultants guide your treatment rather than the insurer
  • Mental health support

From this point you can choose to add on extra cover. For example, you might choose to add a personal hospital list, outpatient cover, therapies cover, dental cover and worldwide travel cover.

There are also incentives on offer to help to get the most out of your policy and to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle. You can tailor your plan once a year at the point of renewal, but you can't add or remove elements at other times. However, you can add family members on to your policy at any point during the year, subject to some conditions, such as children being under the age of 25.

How do I make a claim?

You will need to get an open referral from a GP and you can find full details of the claims process in your scheme membership area. For some conditions, such as mental health or for physiotherapy, you won't necessarily need to get a referral and can apply directly via your policy with Vitality.

What do customers say about Vitality health?

As well as having a five-star Defaqto rating, Vitality has won a quality award from MoneyFacts for five years. TrustPilot has given it a 4.3 rating out of 5; an excellent score with over 21,000 customer reviews. The company has also won a number of other industry awards, with over 100 industry accolades and nominations over the years. The company is also ISO accredited.

How can I get in touch with Vitality?

You can call the customer services team on 0808 231 1199 or request a callback via the website. The Vitality website is also packed with information and it offers the chance to build your own tailored insurance package online for an immediate quote. Full details are provided about policies, rewards, incentive schemes and other Vitality products.

Vitality health insurance FAQs

What are the benefits that Vitality offers alongside its insurance?

Members can also take advantage of other benefits within their plan, such as spa packages with Champneys, hotel stay discounts at boutique hotels, discounted gym memberships, subsidised health checks and money off at sports retailers such as Runners Needs.

Does Vitality cover all conditions?

No. In line with most private medical insurers, Vitality doesn't cover existing chronic and incurable illnesses. It also doesn't provide cover for pregnancy or maternity costs. Full details of what is included and not included are provided with your policy wording and documentation.

Do I need to pay an excess?

You can choose the level of excess that you want with your own tailored policy, and by earning Vitality rewards through your healthy living, you can reduce your premiums.

4000+ reviews