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This health insurer offers a variety of benefits and packages to customers wanting to benefit from private medical care and treatments. There are different categories of cover available at a variety of packages to allow customers to choose the tailored service level which best fits their needs.

What is General and Medical?

General and Medical is a provider of private health insurance with different levels of private healthcare designed for different groups, such as individuals, families, groups and companies and sports teams or individual sports people. The company isn't one of the 'big four' in the UK but it has over 30 years of experience and a good reputation in the industry. It prides itself on the quality of its cover and on its customer service.

The General and Medical health insurance can be bought at two different levels - Essentials and Everyday, with options to customise your cover at each range.

What kind of cover does General and Medical Health insurance offer?

General and Medical offers two flagship ranges of private medical insurance. These are the Essentials and Everyday packages, and both offer a slightly different coverage at different budgets. Both options have positive feedback from both industry experts and customers.

TrustPilot users gave an average score of 3.8 out of 5 for General and Medical, with nearly 100 reviewers saying that its service had been generally very good. Defaqto, the industry body, has given General and Medical 4/5 stars for its top-flight programmes. Its other schemes have been given 3/5 stars.

What's included in General and Medical insurance?

The Essentials health cover range offers affordable health cover of up to £50,000 per person. Essentials key is the most basic level, which offers access to initial consultations and diagnostic tests, along with surgical treatment for any acute conditions.

Policyholders can also opt to upgrade their personal cover to the second level of cover, Essential Plus. This offers various levels of cover for cancer treatment along with outpatient treatment cover and protections.

There is also Equs Lifestyle, which provides the main Essentials cover package along with a greater number of benefits for cardiovascular conditions and other outpatient benefits. The highest level of all is Essentials Elite, which offers the greatest degree of cover for cancer treatment and outpatient services, along with additional cover for optical, dental and private GP consultations.

With the Everyday range there is protection for both outpatient and inpatient care, although the scheme costs more. The Everyday Plus policy also includes chemotherapy and radiotherapy cancer treatments, and the Lifestyle product includes cash benefits for various critical illnesses, personal accidents and any temporary disablement as well as life cash benefit. With Eveyryday Elite customers also gain access to private maternity services, alongside other key and more exclusive benefits.

Customers can look at each of the private medical insurance schemes and see where optional extras can be bolted on to create a tailored package that meets their unique needs. There is also a free gift on offer when a policy is paid for annually and various services and information available via the website on topics such as healthy living, as well as a 24 hour GP hotline for policyholders.

What is the process for making a claim?

You will be provided with full details of how to make a claim according to the level of cover that you choose. Some will require a GP referral and others will allow you to self-refer, e.g. for a more serious and urgent condition where listed on your policy. The customer services team are always on hand to advise.

How do I contact General and Medical?

It's easy to contact General and Medical. Simply call 0800 980 4601 or email [email protected]. If you have a policy, specific contact details will be listed in your documentation.

General and Medical health insurance FAQs

How many hospitals does General and Medical have access to?

The company works with over 1,000 hospitals

Do I need to pay an excess?

You can tailor your policy to choose how much of an excess you want to pay. This will change the cost of your monthly payment but could work out more expensive overall if you regularly need to claim on your policy

4000+ reviews