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Are you looking at getting private medical insurance? One of the best known private insurers in the market is Bupa. Let's take a look at this well-known private medical insurance brand and see what it offers to customers looking for an alternative care and medical route to the NHS.

Bupa offers health and medial insurance for a range of different medical conditions, including mental health and cancer.

Who is Bupa?

Bupa offers health and medial insurance for a range of different medical conditions, including mental health and cancer.

What does Bupa health insurance provide?

Bupa has been in business since 1947 and it has grown to offer a large selection of private healthcare services. These include the core private medical insurance which has options for solo and joint schemes, family schemes, business and global travel. However, Bupa also offers private healthcare schemes for services such as dental care, care homes and travel insurance. It also has a wide range of resources on its website covering health, wellness and other relevant topics.

The different Bupa health insurance schemes

There are two main categories of insurance here - comprehensive insurance and treatment and care insurance. The first is the highest policy level and it covers everything from a private diagnosis with an appropriate consultant through to any necessary treatment and aftercare. This applies to any medical condition which is covered under the scheme.

The second scheme is called 'treatment only'. It is used for people who are happy to have their diagnosis on the NHS and then to receive any treatment that they need privately.

What sort of things are included with Bupa health insurance?

The detail depends on the scheme chosen, but the most comprehensive insurance scheme includes benefits such as:

  • Outpatient consultations and diagnostic tests or pre-treatment scans
  • Any hospital treatments and outpatient therapies
  • Mental health services and cover
  • All post treatment tests, consultatations and scans
  • Access to digital GP services and the 24/7 HealthLine
  • Private ambulances and parent accommodation if children are being treated
  • Cash benefits, including cancer cash benefits

What is the process for making a claim under Bupa health insurance?

If you have private Bupa insurance, it isn't usually necessary to get a GP referral for symptoms that fall under cancer, muscle, joint or mental health conditions. If you have any other type of symptom you need to see your GP first and get a referral before you contact Bupa.

What is the verdict on Bupa?

Trustpilot reviewers have given Bupa an excellent rating and 4.4 stars out of 5, with over 7,000 reviews posted in total.

Bupa is one of the world's leading private healthcare providers thanks to its track record and service quality. On the plus side there is flexibility with the two different types of cover options on offer, and cancer care is a standard inclusion. The wide network of Bupa hospitals is another clear positive and the Babylon app, which gives live consultations with a GP, is also well received by its customers.

However, it is worth noting that Bupa isn't suitable for all conditions. For example, it doesn't cover any allergies or maternity treatment. Additionally, it only has a very limited online service and limited features for online account management.

How to contact Bupa

Simply call the Bupa contact centre on 0808 252 5197 between 8am to 8pm on weekdays and until 12.30pm on Saturdays. It is worth checking the website first for the latest call time as these can change. There is also a contact form facility on the Bupa website as well as a FAQ section.

FAQs about Bupa

Is every condition covered with Bupa?

No, some things aren't covered, such as maternity care, emergency treatment, ageing or pre-existing conditions, including chronic conditions.

How do I make a claim with Bupa?

How do I make a claim with Bupa?

Does Bupa charge an excess?

As with all insurance products, there is an option to pay an excess to lower your monthly premiums.

4000+ reviews