Life Insurance Guides

Find informative guides on life insurance, later life planning so that you know exactly what to look for before taking out your life insurance policy.


Life Insurance Guides September 5th, 2022

How many people in the UK have life insurance

Content in this article What is life insurance and why is it important? Do I have to have life insurance? What types of life insurance are there? What other...

Life Insurance Guides September 1st, 2022

Everything you ever asked about life insurance…and more

Content in this article What is life insurance? Term assurance Family income benefit policies Whole life policies Within whole life policies, there are two main types: Why do I...

Life Insurance Guides August 31st, 2022

The 4 Most Important Facts About Life Insurance

Content in this article It’s for everyone, not just parents. Life insurances are not expensive. Life policies can be a source of cash You don’t have to be young...

Life Insurance Guides August 30th, 2022

How to Calculate Your Life Insurance Coverage

Content in this article What is Life Insurance? Do I Need Life Insurance? Mortgage Life Insurance How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? Other Methods to Calculate Insurance Online...

Life Insurance Guides August 29th, 2022

Life Insurance vs Income Protection: Distinctions

Content in this article How do life insurance and income protection policies differ? What to know about Life insurance What is income protection insurance? What to know about income...

Life Insurance Guides August 26th, 2022

Critical Illness Cover with Life Insurance: The Need

Content in this article What is critical illness cover? Who needs critical illness insurance? What are my options for insurance for critical illness? How do I choose the right...

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