Life Insurance Guides

Find informative guides on life insurance, later life planning so that you know exactly what to look for before taking out your life insurance policy.


Life Insurance Guides May 3rd, 2022

Joint or single life insurance cover – which is best?

Content in this article Understanding The Different Types of Life Insurance The Advantages of Joint Life Insurance Points Against Joint Life Insurance Why Joint Life Insurance Is Cheaper First...

Life Insurance Guides May 2nd, 2022

Understanding Group Life Insurance

Content in this article What is group life insurance? How does a group life insurance policy work? Does the NHS have its own death in service benefit? Why should...

Life Insurance Guides April 29th, 2022

The Tax Implications of Life Insurance Payouts

Content in this article What is Inheritance Tax (IHT)? Is My Life Insurance Part of My Estate? Putting Life Insurance in Trust The Advantages of Putting Your Life insurance...

Life Insurance Guides April 28th, 2022

Life insurance – what is and is not covered?

Content in this article Life insurance in the UK Do you need life insurance? What is covered? What might be covered? What is unlikely to be covered? Serious illness...

Life Insurance Guides April 27th, 2022

Options for life insurance following divorce

Content in this article What is a joint life insurance policy? Joint life insurance and divorce Cancelling your joint life insurance policy Taking over a joint life insurance policy...

Life Insurance Guides April 22nd, 2022

7 Reasons to Review Your Life Insurance

Content in this article Compulsory Insurance Automatic Renewals Why Treat Life Insurance Differently? Mortgage Marriage & Divorce Family Debts Jobs & Retirement Inheritance Tax Additional Benefits Insurance is a...

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