Life Insurance Guides

Find informative guides on life insurance, later life planning so that you know exactly what to look for before taking out your life insurance policy.


Life Insurance Guides October 4th, 2022

Can I take out life insurance for my parents?

Content in this article What is insurable interest? What are the main reasons for taking out insurable interest on parents? Do my parents need to know I have life...

Life Insurance Guides September 30th, 2022

Life Insurance After Drug Use: Understanding Eligibility

Content in this article Life insurance for ex drug users Can a drug addict get life insurance? Definition of drugs Conclusion For some, poor decisions in their past can...

Life Insurance Guides September 29th, 2022

Do I Need Critical Illness Insurance, And If So, How Much?

Content in this article What Is Critical Illness Cover? Who Needs Critical Illness Insurance? Critical Illness Insurance – The Finances Choosing Critical Illness Cover UK Conclusion Many people who...

Life Insurance Guides September 28th, 2022

Divorce? You must update your life insurance

Content in this article Life insurance and divorce Types of life insurance and divorce law Single policy Joint policy Policy held ‘in trust’ Policy tied to mortgage Do you...

Life Insurance Guides September 20th, 2022

Pre-Existing Conditions: Life Insurance Options

Content in this article What is a pre-existing condition? What questions do life insurance providers ask? I have had a heart attack. Can I still get life insurance? I...

Life Insurance Guides September 19th, 2022

What type of life insurance is right for me?

Content in this article What is life insurance? Should I get life insurance? What type of life insurance should I get? Different types of life insurance Whole life insurance...

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