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Everything You Need To Know About Trooli

If you are looking for a new broadband deal, then it can be worth your while exploring some of the less well known names out there. And, whilst broadband provider Trooli may not be such a famous name as the big hitters in this area (think BT, Sky, and Virgin), they may be able to provide exactly what you're looking for.

Falling under the category of "AltNet" (alternative networks), Trooli is aiming to stand out by providing ultra fast broadband with speeds of up to 1Gps. This makes it a great option for both large, busy households where many people are likely to want to be online at the same time, and for those who enjoy the best possible 4K gaming or streaming experience

The Trooli USP

Perhaps the main way in which Trooli stands apart from its rivals is its decision to focus on delivering broadband to some of the more underserved areas of the UK: namely, rural parts of the South East of England. And not only that, but Trooli also promises fast average download speeds of between 300 Mbps and a whopping 900 Mbps, putting them squarely in the same bracket as the other ISPs (internet service providers) when it comes to offering ultra fast broadband performance. Trooli also acts as an employer for the local area, which can be a plus point for many customers.

One key reason why Trooli is able to provide such rapid speeds is that it uses its own FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) network rather than relying on the older copper wiring network. As a result, those customers who are able to sign up to Trooli's service can expect to enjoy faster broadband with greater reliability and less interference, even when sending large packets of data. Yet, the use of their own fibre network is also the reason why, thus far, Trooli's broadband services are only available in a very limited area of the UK.

Of course, another bonus of having a broadband service that uses FTTP technology is that there is no need to have a landline installed. However, unlike some of its rivals, Trooli does offer a package with landline calls bundled in, although this may not represent such good value as similar deals offered by ISPs such as BT.

Who Owns Trooli Broadband?

Trooli are owned by CallFlow, and was founded by Andy Conibere, formally an executive at BT, just four years ago. Since then, Trooli has acquired around £27 million of funding from European investors, and has also launched a big marketing campaign to get their name known in their target region of South East England. By zeroing in on this region alone with advertising including radio, outdoor advertising, social and digital media marketing, there's a high chance that if you live in the South East of England, you will already know quite a bit about this company, and, likewise, the probability is that this will be an unknown ISP for those living elsewhere.

With a growing number of customers, the Trooli broadband review rating by Trustpilot is a good 4 out of 5. Looking at their website, Trooli broadband reviews are largely very positive, and focus mainly on the impressive broadband speeds the company delivers.

Before You Switch Broadband Providers

If you need to change your broadband provider and want to give Trooli a try, then the first step is to check whether their services are available for your address. The Trooli website features an easy to use free postcode checker tool [1], which can tell you straight away if your address is currently able to be connected to their network, or if it is on its waiting list, known as "taking orders". Areas currently under the category of "taking orders" include Aylesham, Hook, Stowmarket and Thurston, and, if you live in such a location, you may decide that the promise of gigabit speed broadband would be worth waiting for a little bit longer. You can also call Trooli and speak to one of their customer service team to find out whether it will be possible to switch. The customer service department is also based in the region.

The next step is to decide which package will best suit your household's needs. It's worth noting that Trooli broadband prices have been on the higher end of the scale for comparable services. There are three main options: 300 Mbps, 500Mbps, and 900 Mbps, with prices starting at £50 a month for 300 Mbps speeds and rising to £80 for the fastest speeds of 900 Mbps. However, Trooli often runs offers, including slashing the monthly price and giving you the first month free, so it's worth checking before you make the switch. There's also the chance to earn a free month of service if you refer Trooli to a friend. The standard contract length is eighteen months, which falls in the middle of the typical range offered by UK broadband providers.

You will need to check the terms and conditions of your current broadband contract; you may be required to pay a fee to end your agreement, particularly if the period set out in your contract is yet to be completed.

Getting Started With Trooli

When you commit to switching broadband providers to Trooli, you will be asked to arrange a date for installation. This will not be an invasive process and the only real requirement from you is that there is a dual plug socket available. The Trooli engineer will help you to choose the optimum location for your router. As with any router, the best place is an open plan area of the home, where the signal will not be blocked by walls or heavy furniture. Set your router up at table height if possible, and avoid obstructing it with photo frames or ornaments, too. It's also wise to keep other electronic devices that use radio waves far away from your router, as they can disrupt your WiFi signal. These include baby monitors, cordless telephones, and even dimmer switches for lighting. And remember: to enjoy the fastest possible download and upload speeds, you will need to connect your laptop, TV or other device to the router with an Ethernet cable, rather than use WiFi technology. This is because WiFi signals must encrypt the data before it is sent, which slows down the speed of your internet slightly.

Trooli will provide you with a top of the range router, which operates on WiFi 6 technology for the best possible performance. It also features a generous four Ethernet ports, together with two landline telephone connections and two USB ports. This makes it a truly future proof router that is hard to beat.

A Good Choice For The South East

With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, impressive and consistent download speeds, and a focus on delivering a premium broadband service to those in more remote areas, overall Trooli makes a smart choice for those who fit into its area demographic. And, if you sign up when Trooli is offering a discounted monthly rate, you could soon be enjoying a superb internet experience for a great price, too.

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