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Know Your Energy Supplier: GnERGY

December 11th, 2019


Just like its unusual name the company also has uniqueness about it. Founded in May 2014 GnERGY is an independent supplier of gas and electricity for domestic and commercial use. The company aims at serving the Nepalese energy market in the UK. Run by 200 former Gurkhas, the company supplies energy to more than 80,000 customers in the UK. Located at Hampshire, the company has an ever increasing customer base.

The company also has a call centre where the executives answer queries in three different languages – Nepalese, English and Hindi. So, if you are new to the UK then you can easily communicate with GnERGY energy supplier. It offers transparent deals to all of its customers and does not bind them into any energy contracts.

GnERGY and customer satisfaction status:

The company is quite a new entrant in the energy market. It is too early to judge its customer satisfaction status. However, it receives rave reviews and statistics suggest that thousands of people switching to it.


    • Supplies both gas and electricity

    • Good at supplying energy to the domestic and commercial market

    • Excellent customer services

    • Call centre with Nepalese, English and Hindi languages

    • No contracts and exit fees

    • Transparent supplier with no hidden costs

For more details on GnERGY tariffs, quotes and comparison with other suppliers, just go through our website www.freepricecompare.com or call us on 02034757476.  you may also like: GnERGY cancellation fees

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