Know Your Energy Supplier: Ecotricity

December 11th, 2019


Formed in the year 1995, Ecotricity is the first of its kind of green electricity company in Britain. It started supplying green gas since 2010. It has a track record of investing the money earned from customers into creating new sources of green electricity. It offers 100% green electricity from renewable resources and the greenest gas plan to the domestic market of Britain. Living up to its promise, the company has not raised its prices since January 2013.

The company also gives a “Frack-Free Guarantee” to its customers. It is renowned as a company that generates energy by choosing green methods like wind and solar power. It also maintains the principles of “Ethical Pricing”, which gives best prices to the customer no matter when they have signed up for the services.

It uses the following forms of fuel mix for energy generation:

    • Wind

    • Solar

    • Gas

It is also the sponsor of a land yacht called Ecotricity Greenbird. It set a world record for the highest land speed by a wind-powered vehicle. It has also built “Nemesis”, an electric sports car which had the record of an average speed of 151 mph.

Why Ecotricity?

Well, because you can use electricity and gas and still do no harm to the environment. It is your contribution towards environmental conservation.

It is a ‘not for dividend’ company that is not answerable to its investors and shareholders. It does everything in its power to reach out to its goal of generating and supplying green energy to its customers.

It has more than 150000 customers that like and approve its services. £265 per customer per year is utilised to build greener methods of producing electricity and gas. This calls for a real applause as the company is doing its bit in creating a healthier world.

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