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What is business insurance?

Business owners can protect their livelihood by getting business insurance that covers physical damage to property and/or equipment.

What are the factors which may affect the business insurance premiums?

There are many factors which can affect the premiums you are quoted, including -

  • Scale of your business
  • Type of work you do
  • Claims history
  • Business experience
  • Cover you require for the business
  • Location of business

Does my business need liability insurance?

It is possible for your company to require liability insurance if -

  • It has visitors/guests coming to the site
  • It offers consultation services for a charge
  • It employs and/or supervises individuals
  • you are not protected legally by union membership

What are the various types of business insurance?

Some of the business insurance options are -

  • Public liability insurance cover
  • Business assets insurance cover
  • Commercial building insurance cover
  • Professional indemnity insurance cover
  • Employer’s liability insurance cover

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