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In today's technological world, most of us use the internet on a daily basis for work and leisure. In fact, government figures in 2019 showed that virtually all adults (99%) aged 16 to 44 years in the UK were recent internet users [1]. As such, finding the fastest and most cost-effective deal has never been more important. There are currently more than 200 broadband internet providers in the country, all vying for our custom. You can carry out a quick and easy broadband comparison at Free Price Compare to find the best provider for you.

One possible provider is Hey!Broadband. This Cheshire based company is an Alt Net, one of a fast-growing group of independent broadband carriers who own the third largest share of fibre connections in the UK. These companies are taking over where the Government is failing to deliver on its 2019 pledge to secure the UK a fully fibre optic network by 2025. Hey!Broadband is currently working to expand its coverage across the country. It offers full fibre to the premises (FFTP) broadband connection.

FFTP, also known as ultrafast fibre broadband, involves fibre optic cables being routed directly from the broadband exchange into your home. This enables better speeds, around 30 times faster than standard fibre.

What does Hey!Broadband offer?

Hey!Broadband focuses on offering full fibre direct to the home for full reliability and fair prices. It is currently focusing on mid-size towns and rural areas, places which may be overlooked by some of the bigger internet providers which are concentrating more on big cities. Hey!Broadband has already been introduced in West Sussex and Buckinghamshire, including High Wycombe and Horsham.

Hey!Broadband only offers FTTP business and home broadband, which in itself has many benefits. FFTP broadband offers the fastest possible speeds, is dependable and safe, has a higher bandwidth capacity and is able to withstand electromagnetic interference such as heating. It is also durable, strong and less likely to become damaged.

Hey!Broadband provides itself on providing 'reliable gigabit connection' on which customers can depend even at peak times. According to Ofcom, the average UK broadband download speed is 54.2Mbps [2]. Hey!Broadband claims to offer speeds up to 20x faster than traditional broadband, free from buffering and dropouts. The company even has an interactive tool on its website which demonstrates how quickly its average wired speed of 900 Mbps can make various downloads when compared to the UK's average speed of 50Mbps.

What packages does Hey!Broadband offer?

Hey!Broadband provides packages for home, home workers and businesses.

There are three full fibre home packages available to customers. The first is the superfast broadband, which offers speeds of 100Mps for downloads and 50Mbps for uploads. This 24 month or 12 month deal also includes a free router and installation worth £150. It is recommended for those who enjoy average internet use, as well as online streaming and browsing over a few devices.

The Megafast deal offers speeds of 400Mbps for downloads and 200 Mbps for uploads. It also covers a 24 month or 12 month period and comes with a free Hey!Broadband router and installation. This is ideal for those who have moderate internet usage, streaming HD and browsing online on multiple devices. At this speed, customers will be able to download an entire HD film in under four minutes and use multiple devices at the same time.

Hey!Broadband's fastest and most expensive option is the Gigafast broadband. This offers speeds of 900 Mbps for downloads and uploads over a 24 month or 12 month commitment period and free router and installation. Under this package, a customer can download an entire HD film in less than a minute and upload a one hour You Tube video in just 15 minutes.

All of these offers promise no price increase during the length of the contract. It is always advised that customers connect by ethernet cable to achieve the top speeds. Wi-Fi speeds can be considerably lower.

What deals are there for home workers?

The Covid 19 pandemic and changing working practices mean more people are working from home. Official figures from 2020 showed that homeworking had become a way of life for almost half of British workers [3]. Hey!Broadband has responded to this with a selection of home worker plans. The Home Worker package is ideal for those working from home using cloud-based apps, online conferences and video streaming. It offers speeds of 900 Mbps for downloads and uploads, as well as free installation and router and one working day service level agreement.

There is also the Home Worker Pro bundle, which is for heavy use of cloud-based apps and document sharing plus one static IP address. This also offers speeds of up to 900 Mbps for uploads and downloads.

Are there any deals for businesses?

Hey!Broadband offers a series of full fibre plans for businesses, offering dedicated leased lines for sole use. This includes the Business Superfast Plan, ideal for small businesses, which offers 100Mbps average speed, unlimited data, one free status IP address and £99 installation. Business Megafast, which serves growing businesses with multiple users, offers average speeds of 400Mbps, as well as unlimited data and Business Gigafast, ideal for larger businesses, offers average speeds of 900Mbps.

How much does Hey!Broadband cost?

Hey!Broadband's prices can certainly be considered competitive, especially for its fastest Gigafast deal. Its Gigafast package is currently £43 per month, while its Superfast costs £23 per month and Megafast is £33 per month.

How do I know if Hey!Broadband is available in my area?

The company offers a postcode checker on its website to work out where it is available and the realistic maximum speed you can expect to be able to enjoy. All you have to do is enter your postcode to find out where it has so far been installed.

How long does it take to switch to Hey!Broadband?

Hey!Broadband promises to be able to switch customers to their service within two weeks. Engineers will visit your home to connect fibre from a telephone pole or a trench underground to your home. In most cases, the installation work takes around two hours, although if there are technical issues or complex circumstances, it may be longer.

Engineers will also decide on the best possible location for the new Hey!Broadband router.

Installation charges will be incurred if you require it in a different location which needs more than one hour of work. Customers can use their own router and Hey!Broadband will provide a bridge modem service for free and a special modem will be installed.

Customers have to let engineers know before they arrive at the property, otherwise a £60 charge will be applied. The Hey!Broadband router provided is the ADTRAN 814-v6 Home Gateway Unit. WiFi 6 GPON HGU.

How do I contact Hey!Broadband?

Hey!Broadband provides a customer service team and a technical support team who are on hand to help answer any queries and deal with any problems. They can be contacted on 0808 168 1616, by emailing [email protected] or through a Live Chat which is available from 8am to 8pm.

How happy are Hey!Broadband's customers?

Of course, broadband companies want to attract your business and so offer persuasive marketing materials. Finding some Hey!Broadband reviews can lift the lid on how existing customers feel about the service they receive for their home broadband. The company currently has four out of five stars on Trustpilot, with many praising the installation experience.

How do I know if Hey!Broadband offers the best deal for me?

You can compare broadband prices and deals by using Free Price Compare. Simply enter your postcode and email and Free Price Compare will take away the hassle by comparing the best broadband deals for you from dozens of providers.

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