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Best Broadband and TV Deals

Broadband and TV Deals

There can be significant savings to be made by choosing a broadband and TV bundle rather than purchasing the services separately. Opting for a combined broadband and TV deal allows you to bundle them together, resulting in potential cost savings. Many people also find it more convenient to have both services from a single provider, as it means they only have one monthly bill to pay rather than separate bills. This makes budgeting easier and reduces the hassle of dealing with multiple renewal dates and customer service contacts. Additionally, bundling your broadband and TV into a single monthly fee may come with added benefits, such as vouchers or even tablets.

Should I bundle my broadband and TV together?

There are different levels of both broadband and TV service. You need to decide which fits your needs and your budget. Of course, there is no point in paying for hundreds of TV channels if you will only watch a handful of them. Broadband TV deals vary in cost. You may find a type of package with a more limited range of channels at a lower cost suits you better, or you might want to compare deals with hundreds of channels. Some deals will have lower monthly fees but higher set-up costs, while others will have low or no setup fees but higher monthly costs. It's therefore important that you look at the overall cost.

There will be less of a choice of broadband deals when you're reviewing broadband TV deals. All the usual considerations for choosing broadband still apply, however. In particular, check the broadband speed and any download limits. If you routinely stream large HD videos or play online games, you will want a faster internet connection with constant download speed. So opting for fibre optic broadband is better option. Fibre broadband is also better for online gaming due to super low ping and latency.

Some TV services are only available from one provider, for example, Sky Atlantic is only available through Sky. Other channels are available from several companies but the price you will pay varies between them.

Some providers will give you extra savings if you put your phone line and mobile phone plans into the bundle, too. You will need to decide whether the savings outweigh the loss of flexibility.

Are broadband and TV packages right for me?

Ask yourself whether your household watches a lot of live TV and sports, or whether you mostly stream your viewing. If you watch a lot of live TV, movies and sports, then a subscription TV package will be worthwhile. You will almost certainly be able to save money by bundling this TV package together with your broadband.

If you don't tend to watch TV channels but prefer to stream content from services such as Netflix, NOW TV, Amazon Prime or Disney+ then you probably already know that a paid TV subscription isn't necessary for your household. Search instead for the best quality and most cost-effective broadband deal so that your streaming is uninterrupted. There is no benefit in paying extra for a TV service you won't use.

What TV services do broadband TV deals offer?

There are several options for TV services, including cable, satellite, internet or set-top box services.


Freeview is well known. This is a digital TV service that many people in the UK will be familiar with. Once you have your TV licence and viewing equipment, it is free to use with no subscription fees so you don't need to pay any extra for a broadband TV deal if Freeview covers your viewing needs. You will need either a freeview compatible TV, or a freeview set-top box. Freeview gives you a fairly limited, but free, selection of around 70 channels. You will be able to receive all of the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 channels as well as other selected channels such as Dave.


Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV, comes to your TV from the working broadband via a set-top box. It can give you a far wider variety of channels to choose from. You will often have IPTV included as part of your broadband service.


This service uses a set-top box, often bundled with BT and TalkTalk services. It gives you a similar number of channels to Freeview as well as catch-up services. Examples of this are NOW TV and BT TV. You will be able to pause, rewind and record live TV with a Youview box.

Satellite TV

If you want the widest possible choice of TV programmes, satellite TV may be the best option for you. However, you will need a satellite dish and receiver box so there is some set up required. Satellite TV will give you access to the Sky channels such as Sky Sports, Sky TV and Sky Cinema.

Cable TV

This is only available in some areas of the UK. You will need to have fibre-optic cables in place for the service to be delivered. If cable TV from Virgin Media is available in your area, this offers a huge range of channels, similar to the range available with Sky satellite.

How easy is it to get broadband TV deals set up?

This depends on the service you choose. Freeview will not require any set up if you have a smart TV or other freeview compatible TV, and just a set-top box otherwise. IPTV and Youview are usually easy to set up yourself with just a set-top box or dongle to plug in. Satellite TV will need an engineer to visit your house to install the satellite dish and cabling and connect up the receiver.

How easy is it to get broadband TV deals set up?

Some companies, for example Virgin Media, offer broadband deals which do not need a landline. You may also decide to use mobile broadband. However, if you want to take out a broadband and TV bundle deal then at the moment, you will need to have a landline phone connection.

Which providers can I choose from?

There is serious competition in the broadband and TV market. This is great news for consumers because it means that the different providers will offer good deals to try to win your business specially to new customers. It is important to check regularly that you are still getting the best deal. The three largest players are Sky, Virgin Media and BT.

Sky Broadband and TV Bundles

Sky is one of the best-known providers of the best broadband and TV packages. There are more than 100 channels available and customers can customise their own package or add extra deals during their contract at an extra cost, for example, if they want to view more sport. Sky offers a free app for their customers, 'Sky Go', which allows them to watch Sky TV on their computer, tablet or smartphone. With broadband speeds getting faster each year, it’s now possible to stream premium TV, too, thanks to Sky Glass and Sky Stream. This makes setting up your TV package a lot easier and cheaper, with less equipment needed.

Virgin Media Broadband and TV Bundles

If you live in an area covered by Virgin Media then this service also offers a huge range of TV channels. As with Sky, Virgin Media customers benefit from an streaming service app, 'TV Anywhere', allowing them to access their TV shows on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. You can also use the app to control and record your TV.

BT Broadband and TV Bundles

Originally just a telephone service provider, BT now offers TV deals as well as broadband. BT will be attractive to many for a broadband TV deal because the TNT Sports (formerly BT Sports) service holds the rights to broadcast live Premier League football games and also show the UEFA Champions League.

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With the BT infinity package, customers are offered superfast broadband which can reach speeds of up to 76Mbps and BT sport comes as a standard.


EE stands for Everything Everywhere and it offers free calls, superfast home broadband and brilliant freebies such as Norton Online Security.

John Lewis Broadband

John Lewis provides simple 12 month contracts for home phone and broadband services.


With NOW TV customers can access their Sky entertainment and catch up on their favourite shows.


Plusnet provides a best value broadband service which wouldn’t break your bank.


Sky offers a wide range of broadband, phone and TV packages which often come with discounts and offers.


Popular for its presence as one of the leaders in the UK energy market, SSE now also offers great value broadband deals.


TalkTalk makes good home entertainment options very affordable, with simple broadband packages offered at just £3.50 per month.


Three, 3, provides mobile broadband services allowing you to gain access to the internet on the move.

Virgin Media

According to the UK communications regulator, Ofcom, Virgin Media has been the fastest provider of broadband packages in the UK for the sixth year running.

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