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What if I don’t have my van insured?

Under UK motoring legislations, it’s illegal to drive your van without the correct insurance. At the very least you must have third party only van insurance cover.

What are the different types of Van insurance policies?

The 3 main van insurance policy options are -

  • Third party only - is the minimum requirement to insure your van by UK motoring low.
  • Third party fire and theft – provides same covers as third party insurance with added cover of damage due to fire and in case of theft of your van.
  • Comprehensive insurance- it’s the highest level of van insurance cover a motorist can take out as it provides full cover to you and others involved in the accident.

What are the key differences between private and business van insurance?

  • Private van insurance - provides a cover for the van which you use for social reasons like family outing, shopping and other personal activities.
  • Business van insurance - provides a cover for the van which you may use for business purposes such as delivering goods, transporting other tools…etc.

Is it possible to take out temporary (short term) van insurance?

Yes, it is possible to take out a temporary van insurance policy for a pre-specified duration. Temporary cover normally runs for a fixed period such as one day to one month.

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