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What are the different types of pet insurance policies?

Typically there are four types of insurance policies.

  • Accident only - covers accident and some health issues. We advise you to read the terms of the policy before you make the purchase
  • Maximum benefit - Recommended for short term health issues but you can claim more than once for the same condition.
  • Lifetime - As the name suggests, it provides lifetime cover for your pet.
  • Time limited - One of the cheapest pet insurance options, as it covers them for a limited amount over a 12 month period. After which, you can no longer claim on the same pet condition and should you decide to renew the pet insurance policy, the pre-existing illness will no longer be eligible.

What is pet insurance?

  • Pet insurance provides cover for unfortunate events like your pet falling ill or injuring themselves in an accident
  • Insurance policies can also pay-out in case your pet dies, is stolen or lost and/or damages third party property

Will the age of my pet affect the premium amount?

Yes, the older the pet, the higher the premium is likely to be, however this may vary between cover providers.

What else should I watch out for?

Before selecting the level of pet cover you require, you should always read the terms and conditions. Things you should look out for include -

  • Travel or holiday cover (foreign cover)
  • Dental Cover
  • Missing pet cover
  • Vet’s Fees
  • Kennel and cattery fees

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