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There are 2 types of home insurance policies -

  • Buildings insurance – protects the structure of your house/ building. Depending on your insurer your building insurance policy may cover garages, green houses and sheds. However the gate and fences of the property are not covered.
  • Content Insurance – protects personal belongings against theft, and damages against fire and flood. There are two types of content policies 1) New for Old – pays out full amount or a new replacement 2) Indemnity- provides cover against wear and tear on your items.

Is my garage and shed considered a room under my home insurance policy?

No, garages and sheds aren’t considered as rooms under UK home insurance policies however, a conservatory is and therefore a conservatory has the same level of cover as the rest of the property.

Should I buy a joint policy for both buildings and contents cover?

It depends on your personal preferences and circumstances, however if you are a homeowner then it may be good to get a joint policy as it could be a cheaper option for you and you will only have to deal with one cover provider.

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