Gas Unit Calculator

Gas units to kWh converter

This ranges from 37.5 to 43.0, and is set by National Grid for each distribution zone. Use 39.3 default for a rough answer.
*Check your latest bill for the exact value*


Your estimated number of kilowatt-hours used will be displayed here.

Gas Unit Calculator

Here at, we are committed to getting our customers the best deal possible for their energy needs. This commitment led us to create the Gas Unit Calculator, making it simple to compare suppliers.

Before you can get the best deal for your gas, you need to have a good idea of what your consumption is, as different tariffs are designed around different rates of consumption. A tariff for a high consumption business may not suit a business that doesn’t use very much gas.

To use the Gas Unit Calculator, simply enter the amount of gas used as well as the calorific value of the gas you are being supplied with (or leave it as it is). Once your information has been entered, hitting the calculate button will give you the kWh used, allowing you to compare suppliers on a like for like basis.

Convert gas units to kilowatt-hours

Our Gas Unit Calculator coverts the gas units you are supplied with to kilowatt-hours. This is important as it allows you to know exactly what your energy usage is, giving you the ability to compare each supplier’s deals accurately. Each Gas Suppliers provides gas with slightly different calorific values, so with one supplier, you may need to use more gas to get the same result. Comparing your kWh usage with the prices offered by suppliers gives you the best information in order to select the supplier which will best meet your needs.

How to read a gas meter

Older gas meters with a series of dials can be difficult to interpret. The general guidelines are that you should simply ignore any numbers on red dials, and if a dial is between two numbers, you should read the lower of the two numbers. With newer digital or smart meters, it is important that you read from the correct screen. Refer to your previous gas bill or the manual for your meter to ensure that you are collecting the correct information on usage.

What is the calorific value of gas?

The energy used in burning gas is measured in calories, and this varies by supplier. Calorific values are provided by the National Grid and are between 37.5 and 43. These values are calculated by measuring the amount of energy that is released by burning a specific volume of gas in controlled conditions. As this is done independently of suppliers, you can be sure that calorific values are accurate.