Compare and See How Much You Can Save on Your Energy Bills

Compare Gas and Electricity Tariffs - A step by step guide

Why should you compare and switch your energy supplier?
  • Energy prices are on the rise year-on-year. So it is always beneficial to take advantage of Market competition and save a few pounds particularly when it is just a 4 min process without any hassle.
  • If you are on a standard tariff then it will always be more expensive than the fixed tariffs. Please note, almost all suppliers transfer their fixed tariff customers to standard tariffs once the contract ends. In the last 49 days of your fixed tariff contract you can switch without paying any exit fees. So if your fixed tariffs contract is ending, you must compare and switch to avoid the higher standard tariff charges.
  • There are many small suppliers providing gas and electricity services at a cheaper cost than the Big Six energy suppliers. The many reasons behind the lower tariffs is due to the source of energy (many of them providing renewable energy), lower operational costs and the use of the latest technology.

What do I need to switch to a cheaper energy supplier?

To get an accurate comparison and make the switch quickly, you will need the latest energy bill. If you need any assistance in reading the energy bill, simply have a look at our handy Understand your energy bill guide.

Step-by-step Process to Compare Gas and Electricity Prices with FreePriceCompare

Step 1

Enter your postcode and find your address.

Your email address helps us to send the results to your inbox so you can resume the process whenever you want without filling the details again.

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Step 2

Current supplier’s details.

You can find the current tariff from your latest energy bill. To understand your energy bill, simply click here.

This information helps us find out whether you have to pay an exit fee or not, if you switch now.

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Step 3

Provide your estimated energy usage.

Again you can find this from your latest energy bill and here we have explained how.

This information helps us project your saving accurately.

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Step 4

Cheapest Gas and Electricity Tariffs for your region displayed here based on your annual usage.

The saving figures are calculated after considering the exit fees of your current tariffs so it is the total savings after all charges.

We provide filters to refine the search result.

Filter by Energy: You can choose whether you want dual fuel tariffs or just single fuel.

Payment Method: Here you can choose how you want to pay. (Tip: Monthly Direct Debit plans are 15-20% cheaper than the “pay on receipt of bill�? option)

Filter by Tariff Type: Fixed plans will freeze your price for a predefined period of time while Variable plans prices can be increased or decreased by the supplier. (Tip: Fixed plan gives you a peace of mind from future price hikes)

Other options:

Paper Billing: Choosing this option will increase prices.

No Exit Fees: You can avoid paying exit fees when switching before the end of the contract.

Green Plans: You can choose a Green Plan to contribute towards saving the environment as energy supplied under these plans will be from renewable sources.

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Step 5

Finish your switch!

Tell us about yourself.
Confirm your address.

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Provide us your “Gas Meter Point Reference Number�? (MPRN) and sometime we may also need your “Electricity Meter Point Administration Number�? (MPAN). You can find both of these from your latest energy bill, here we explain how.

Finally, payment details to set up your direct debit. Here we forecast your monthly direct debit for your information. Your payment details are completely safe.

And you are done! Seat back and relax! We will take care of the rest.

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Frequently asked questions

Not at all! Supply of Gas and Electricity will continue as it goes through the same cables and pipelines. There won’t be any damage or dig up at your home. Your meter will also remain the same. Just your supplier will be changed and your bills will be lower.

Of course, you can compare and switch each single fuel with us. Select the option accordingly at step 2.

It will vary from supplier to supplier, but typically the range is from 17 days to 5 weeks. We update the switching times of various suppliers regularly based on the data available on (you can bookmark it for future reference).

Compare and See How Much You Can Save on Your Energy Bills

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