Supplier Switching time list

Energy Switching Times

A couple of years ago it took two months to switch energy providers as the process was very drawn out. However this switching time has now reduced considerably for some energy suppliers due to new government legislation and Ofgem guidelines. It’s an amazing time to switch, have a look at the switching process and save money from your bills as quickly as possible.

Reading the bill

You should read your bill properly and in detail. Whilst it may seem like a hard task, it is surprisingly quite easy once you know the jargon and energy numbers. The bill includes the contract you have with the supplier and it outlines your current tariff or plan. The tariff information will include the tariff name, the type of deal, the end date of the plan and more importantly when you can exit the plan and if there is any exit fees.

Switching Limitations

The energy supplier can stop from switching if you are in a contract, but in all cases you have the option to pay the exit fees and switch to a better supplier. Furthermore, if you are in debt with your current supplier then you will need to check if the new supplier will allow you to switch the debt. If the new supplier disagrees, you will have to clear your energy debt before proceeding to the new energy supplier.

Switching Times

The following details are correct as of January 2016.

NoEnergy SupplierSwitching time
1Better Energy17 days
2British Gas17 days
3Co-Op4-6 weeks
4Ecotricity17 days
5EDF17 days
6EON17 days
NoEnergy SupplierSwitching time
7Extra Energy5-6 weeks
8First Utility17 days
9Good Energy17 days
10Green Star3 weeks
12npower17 days
12Ovo4-8 weeks