Our Customer promise

Assist you to find the right product

Our aim is to deliver the most suitable product to your requirement at the best price. We clearly display what is included in the plan and what isn’t.

Committed to saving you time

We respect your time and as such all our search tools are quick to display quotes or plans within few seconds. The comparison experience with FreePriceCompare is always hassle-free.

Dedicated to finding you all the best price options

Sometimes suppliers offer a special discount for a limited period such as, £50 amazon vouchers and similar. As you money-saving partner, we display all these additional discounts along with the plan or quote so you can grab the best saver deal available.

Being open and impartial

We don’t allow any advertising or sponsored listing on our website. We are fully impartial and independent comparison service provider. Free Price Compare is completely free to use for all customers. However, we do receive a small remuneration from our partners after you have chosen the better product/service option for you.

Assisting you in making informed choices

For all our products and services, we have user friendly money-saving guides, infographics, videos and other material to help you make an informed choice.

Strong regard for your privacy

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  • You can use our site with confidence as we keep all transactional data encrypted, all personal information stored securely and we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Assured post-purchase support

We build relationship not only revenue. You don’t need to worry about after sales support. We are happy to help you anytime. For any query or support, we are just a call away to you. Call us at 0203 9159 088 or 0808 168 2466.